An Event About Global Warming Essay

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An event about Global Warming
There is a Chinese proverb “If you want happiness for a lifetime, help the next generation”. This is the one sentence which always inspired me to indulge in social activities. From the early age of my life, I find myself interested in social service and feels satisfaction in helping the humanity. I was a member of my hometown social club since my childhood age. Last year, our social club decides to organize a program at World Environmental Day at June 5. The theme for WED 2009 was ‘Your Planet Needs You-Unite to Combat Climate Change’. We came up with the mind of conducting the program for public awareness about global warming as it respects the theme of combating climate change in the Narayanghat, one of the cities of Nepal.
The event was a greatest opportunity for us to serve the universe. We, all the members of the club were fully devoted for the success of the events. We worked hard for the successful management. We send out invitation to our guests, publicized through the radio and through pamphlets. A local real estate company agreed to become our sponsor and two of the schools agreed to support our program through their participation. There was an increasing supports of our program which were the pre-indications of the success. At the date of program, we found large number of participant than we expected and almost all the high personals that we have invited were present. Organized in two parts, the program was formatted for the rally at the first and interaction program afterwards. We have granted permission from the authority to do a rally in street. Then, we had our interactive program at the hall of the one of the school. There was an intellectual discussion between the people about the cause of the global warming and ways that can be applied to reduce the emission of greenhouse effect. The program came to conclusion of working together to make the city clean and for the waste management. And, it was turn...

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