An Event That Changed My Life.

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It was July 12, 2005 when I heard the news that has forever changed my life. I was going to the Bowie City gymnasium as I did almost every day to play basketball, and start some pick-up games. When I arrived, started looking for my usual squad. I had my best friend Desmond Bowden playing the point, my friend Leon Willis playing the 3 guard, my other friend Kevin Baker playing the power forward, my main man Jeff Willis playing the center, and I played the 2 guard. Together we were unstoppable; we owned the gym. If there ever was a high school dream team we were it. I couldn't find anyone. None of my teammates were there. I started thinking where could they be. Then I remembered that Desmond had gone to Rhode Island for a college visit. But he was supposed to be back home last night. Maybe he missed his plane, I thought, but where was everybody else. I called Leon at home but nobody picked up. If he wasn't home, he was at the gym; that's just how things were. I called my other teammates and I got the same response. Nobody was home. I started to get scared because we all practically lived at the gym, and lived to play basketball.I decided to go out to the front desk and ask Mrs. Hawkins, the manager of the gym, if she had seen any of my teammates. If anyone would know where they were, she would. When I asked Mrs. Hawkins if she had seen them she gave me this look that I will never forget. Her whole facial expression had changed from the looking like she was pleased to see me, to a look of sympathy, and...

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Narration Essay - An event that changed your life

1236 words - 5 pages I was sixteen years old when we found out that my mother had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I am an only child and to hear this about my best friend, my mom, was devastating. Plus, to look at her she looked so normal and healthy, it was hard to imagine that she could have a disease that would eventually take her life. My mom lived for almost seventeen years with the disease, through all her treatments she taught me how to find inner strength and

an event in your life that changed you

796 words - 3 pages feeling as if I was going to faint before I stepped foot onto school grounds. When I got to the blacktop all I could do was stand there in silence. The other kids were standing around in there cliques and it was obvious that the fifth graders controlled the far left gate on the black top. I remember one girl that stood out. She looked larger than life in my eyes. She was bright skinned, tall and everyone seemed to flock to her. She made me feel

An Historical Event That Changed America

1042 words - 4 pages Britain, with the help of one of Americas strongests allie; the French. In fact, without assistance, the Americans were no match for Britains; showing the hatred towards the British from the French and Americans, thus, making it easy for them to form an alliance. In 1778, representatives of both America and France signed the Treaty of Alliance. The two countries agreed to aid each other in the event of a British attack; from that present day to any

My Enlightenment: Write about an event that has had a lasting impact on your life, perhaps something that helped you mature in some way changed your life for the better

558 words - 2 pages Have you ever had a feeling you had found the answers to life? For a slight moment in my life, I did. It was a feeling no person or object could make me feel. To me, it was an enlightening experience I will never forget. It left me with morals and values that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Two years ago, I went to a three day retreat that was required for Catholic Catechism. To be honest, I was reluctant to really go anywhere

An Encounter that changed my life

970 words - 4 pages beginning of her life, that she would die so young, so that she could live her life to the full and knowing that her life would end in an abrupt way, but watching it happen, right in front of me changed everything in my life, it changed how I felt about people and left me traumatized.Amy and I where co-workers at the same bank and it was a typical cold night in London. When we left the staff party the streets where already abandoned, looking at my watch

An amazing teacher that changed my life - English - Essay

846 words - 4 pages Bone Cancer. These experiences and events have shown me how much love can grow in bad situations. I have pursued my career to become a Registered Nurse and eventually work in a hospital in the Oncology unit to help people who suffer any types of cancer. I also want to spend some of my free time volunteering in different organizations and learn about new ideas and people. People may not always realize how big of an impact one can make. One teacher sparked a decision in my life that has changed how I live forever!

Idea that changed my life

690 words - 3 pages different aspects. Pursuing it with my present life, I am voluntarily learning on the experiences of being a part of my community living in Cleveland. Still with the enthusiasm of learning new things, I am learning more on designing and contributing to society where I live, I am voluntarily designing and circulating educational-basis newspaper called – ‘Connecting Cleveland’. In this way an idea to learn has changed my life.

Experience That Changed My Life

636 words - 3 pages helping Mississippi and the United States was apparent, inspiring me to work for the people of my home state. The opportunity to meet with my state’s representatives as well as meet motivated students further inspired me to become a better leader. Without this opportunity I would have never met many of the nation’s leaders, or make life-long friends that have helped define who I am. Through this trip I realized that I can make a difference and with

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975 words - 4 pages life style.   The best part of the whole trip was getting to meet such intelligent and nice people. Although I enjoyed getting to know the members of my genetic engineering group, I must admit that I bonded much more closely with the United States group. Because of our diverse backgrounds and amazing accomplishments, we all had so much to share and learn from each other. I could write an essay all about what I love about each member

The One Word that Changed My Life

1109 words - 4 pages the car had stopped.   Everything stopped. For an instant everything, from the whisper of the wind to my sister's squawking, seemed to go mute. Well, everything except the cacophony of my beating heart.   My body went numb, and I felt like I was leaving my body and viewing myself open the car door. The very sound of my feet hitting the concrete seemed like a resonating boom that reverberates off some dark cave's walls

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1043 words - 4 pages ? What is going to keep him from shooting? It's still hard for me to describe this event without crying. That day in St. Louis is only of the only things I really don't like talking about.Other things happened that day that discouraged my faith in today's youth. A 10-year old told me he was going to go home and get his dad's gun to shoot someone. My friend asked a kid if he was going to finish his sandwich, and all he got back was a sentence

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An Event That Changed My Life

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The Event That Changed My Life

539 words - 2 pages Describe an event from your past and how it shaped you as a person.   I'm a victim, I thought. The books were closed. The papers were signed. It was official. The next school year, I would enter the fifth grade -- again.   I knew I was gifted and capable of more, but after we moved from urban Oklahoma City to Tulsa before the fourth grade, my intelligence was meaningless. Suburban-school luxuries like computers

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1223 words - 5 pages . Imagine that.   There really is no end to the event that changed my life. Everything from that point on I can remember it like my own phone number. I could recite so many things that my mom has told me, but I will spare you, it's not that important anyway. In fact, the real thing I have learned from all of this is a phrase that I have had to tell everyone who has heard my story: don't worry about it.

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969 words - 4 pages SHOPPING FOR A SPECIAL EMOTIONThe rush of the crowds, the dinging of cash registers, and the instant gratification of six little words: thank you, have a nice day. These everyday bits and pieces were my way of life. Unlike everyone else, shopping for me was not just a hobby; it defined whom I was and how I was feeling at that moment. For me, shopping was an escape from situations that I could not handle. All the sounds and smells, were somehow a