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A Growing Hacker Community Essay

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AbstractThe popularity of the Internet has grown immeasurably in the past few years. Along with it the so-called 'hacker' community has grown and risen to a level where it's less of a black market scenario and more of 'A Current Affair' scenario. Misconceptions as to what a hacker is and does run rampant in everyone who thinks they understand what the Internet is after using it a few times. In the next few pages I'm going to do my best to prove the true definition of what a hacker is, how global economic electronic warfare ties into it, background on the Internet, along with a plethora of scatological material purely for your reading enjoyment. I will attempt to use the least technical computer terms I can, but in order to make my point at times I have no choice.Geoff StaffordDr. ClarkPHL 233There are many misconceptions, as to the definition, of what a hacker truly is, in all my research this is the best definition I've found:Pretend your walking down the street, the same street you have always walked down. One day, you see a big wooden or metal box with wires coming out of it sitting on the sidewalk where there had been none.Many people won't even notice. Others might say, 'Oh, a box on the street.'. A few might wonder what it does and then move on. The hacker, the true hacker, will see the box, stop, examine it, wonder about it, and spend mental time trying to figure it out. Given the proper circumstances, he might come back later to look closely at the wiring, or even be so bold as to open the box. Not maliciously, just out of curiosity. The hacker wants to know how things work.(8)Hackers truly are 'America's Most Valuable Resource,'(4:264) as ex-CIA Robert Steele has said. But if we don't stop screwing over our own countrymen, we will never be looked at as anything more than common gutter trash. Hacking computers for the sole purpose of collecting systems like space-age baseball cards is stupid and pointless; and can only lead to a quick trip up the river.Let's say that everyone was given an opportunity to hack without any worry of prosecution with free access to a safe system to hack from, with the only catch being that you could not hack certain systems. Military, government, financial, commercial and university systems would all still be fair game. Every operating system, every application, every network type all open to your curious minds.Would this be a good alternative? Could you follow a few simple guidelines for the offer of virtually unlimited hacking with no worry of governmental interference?Where am I going with this?Right now we are at war. You may not realize it, but we all feel the implications of this war, because it's a war with no allies, and enormous stakes. It's a war of economics.The very countries that shake our hands over the conference tables of NATO and the United Nations are picking our pockets. Whether it be the blatant theft of American R&D by Japanese firms, or the clandestine and governmentally-sanctioned...

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