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In 1971 the video game industry was born. For over forty years, video games have been on the rise, now more so then in the early years when it was first introduced. Over the years as gaming corporation were continuously innovating new video game consoles and devices, consumers became more aware of what this technology has to offer. But in order for technology giants to wheel in consumers to buy their product, they had to present it to the general public, and give reasons why they should buy it. In order for video game corporations to stay in the game they will need to keep innovating and that is exactly what they will continue to do.
I choose to analyze three different visuals. The first ad is from Sony’s Playstation 4, which calls out to all of the hardcore gamers, the second ad is from Microsoft’s Xbox One, which is more as a media hub which can please all of consumers entertainment needs, and lastly Nintendo’s ad for the Wii U, which is more of an all ages, family friendly console.
The demographics say it all. A survey done in 2013 shows that 58 percent of Americans play videos games. Of those 58 percent, there are 55 percent male gamers and 45 percent female gamers. 32 percent of gamers are under the age of 18, while 32 percent are between the ages of 18 through 35, and the other 36 percent are 36 years and older. So what do these demographics say? Well, it is saying that gaming is indeed on the rise in American society. It also says that because the majority of gamers are 36 and older, the gaming industry has a loyal consumer fan base and it is more likely to keep rising then have another video game crash like in 1972 or 1983.
Today we have three major competitors in the gaming industry and they are constantly innovating in order to win more consumers. Our three competitors are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.
As the gaming industry continues to rise the corporations who have built its reputation to what it is today, fight for the spotlight and their moment of glory as the best gaming console on the market today. Nintendo is one of the oldest and biggest gaming corporation who does its own thing when it comes to developing unique games for their console users. They don't follow trend and they most certainly do not let Sony or Microsoft bully them into getting out of the console race. Microsoft it what I call the spotlight hog. Not because the company has stolen the spotlight from the other two, but because it wants to be in the spotlight so bad that it is willing to take risks of developing a console which was one of the greatest consoles created to an entertainment hub which just happens to play video games. As for Sony, they had their fast of glory with their Playstation 2 which sold 155 million consoles in its entire life span. When they decided to create the Playstation 3 they left their gaming ideals behind and tried to approach a more media hub like console which didn't work out for those hardcore gamers who just wanted the best...

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