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An Examination Into The Rise Of Nazi Popularity

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In the German election of 1928, the Nazi Party received 2.8 percent of Germany's vote, yet four years later as a result of the 1932 election this figure grew to a much more significant 37.3 percent . It is not easy to turn the tides of politics in your own favour, especially of such magnitude, in such a short period of time, yet that indeed was what Hitler and his Nazi's managed to do. People today still squabble relentlessly over exactly how the Nazi's popularity grew so rapidly, with few absolute conclusions ever being unanimously decided upon. Yet it is certain that of the many factors present at the time the most important were those of how well organised the Nazi's were, how good an oral presenter Hitler happened to be, the world was amidst an economic depression, as well as the fact that many German citizens flat out hated the Weimar Government.The fact of how well organised the Nazi party was is without a doubt a key factor as to why its popularity grew at the rate at which it did. During the days of the Weimar Republic, Germany was in a state of pandemonium. There was corruption, violence, as well as confusion and a general hysteria amongst politically minded folks to such an extent that should a solid entity have arisen the masses would have unquestionably aligned themselves alongside it. From the words of Albert Speer, a leading Nazi member, "My mother saw a Storm Trooper parade ... the sight of discipline in a time of chaos, the impression of energy in an atmosphere of universal hopelessness, seems to have won her over..." This quote absolutely proves that the fact that the Nazi party was well organised and carried out all of its endeavours in such an orderly fashion while the rest of the country's state persisted in its anarchic ways, is a key factor in the matter of how the Nazi party gained so many supporters during the late 20's early 30's.It is universally known that without a strong, charismatic, impressive leader, any expedition, political or not, is bound to an eternity of disappointment and failure. So was true with the Nazi party and is a key reason as to how it managed to gain the support of a large percentage of German people. Hitler was by far the most popular public speaker of the time, a fact even American journalists took note of - "When, at the climax [of a speech] he sways from one side to the other his listeners sway with him; when he leans forward and when he ends they are either awed and silent or on their feet in a frenzy." This shows us not only that he genuinely entertained his audience, but also that he well and truly communicated with them on a level above all others. It is important to note that people, no matter which creed, nationality or race, turn towards those who they themselves admire for leadership and guidance. So it can be seen that...

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