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An Examination Into The Potential Brain Enhancing And Educational Potential Of Electronic Media On Children On The Autisim Spectrum

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Virtual Learning Environments: An Examination into the Potential Brain-Enhancing and Educational Potential of Electronic Media on Children Diagnosed along the Autism Spectrum
Benjamin Thomas
Middle Tennessee State University
Psychology 4040

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs): An Examination into the Potential Brain-Enhancing and Educational Potential of Electronic Media on Children Diagnosed along the Autism Spectrum

There is a strong correlation between children on the autism spectrum and extensive use of electronic screen media (ESM). This undertaking will set out to determine whether or not a profound difference is identifiable among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in comparison to typically developing (TD) children when it comes to responding to ESM in such a way that could translate into electronic media delivering a significantly positive impact on children from a pedagogical perspective, among other potential uses. An analysis of a study examining the effect of various ESM exposure will be included, as well as an article that focuses on bottom-up processing, which will be incorporated in order to show how positive, high results in the realm of such processing is tantamount to utilizing digital media in a manner that would enhance brain activity in particular regions that are distinct in children with ASD. Primarily, the information obtained from these studies will be employed to project how such technology could impact both learning, as well as skill-building, insofar as children with ASD could conceivably have a variety of talents and potentialities tapped into as a result of electrochemical and structural augmentation that could very well happen via neurological excitation from electronic stimulation, whether through virtual or classical computer learning models, or a combination of both.
The study on ESM will be evaluated first, and this will aim to show that the correlation between use of ESM and ASD is indeed a salient one—not just due to preferred usage, but positive responses in the domain of specific sensory reactions that the experiment measured. Following this, the study focusing on the prevalence of bottom-up processing will be investigated, and this will support the previous examination in complementary terms by adding to the fact that such processing, which is central to manipulation and multi-level perception of visual and semantically unambiguous/concrete information in optimum fashion (per an electronic medium), is noticeably enhanced within the demographic of children on the autism spectrum. Also, for simplicity’s sake, the acronym ASD will be used throughout this report for the sake of brevity, meaning that even if a child has been diagnosed as fully autistic, rather than being diagnosed along the spectrum, ASD will still apply in light of the fact that certain key brain abnormalities exist at all levels of the spectrum, from the most extreme and severe forms of full-blown...

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