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An Examination Of Office Space Essay

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An Examination of Office Space
The first time I saw the movie Office Space I was about fifteen years old. Instantly I found the characters hilarious. The movie left me with an expectation of what corporate America may look like for a lowly employee. The movie is based on one man’s journey, Peter, of discovering what the meaning of work is all about. At the start of movie it is apparent that Peter and his friends, Michael and Samir, hate their jobs. Every sentence ends with negative thoughts about their positions and their experience in the workplace. One evening Peter is hypnotized to minimize all of his worries and ambitions. This hypnosis begins his transcending downhill fall, as well as his personal discovery.
The movie centers on an office environment and the characters that are intertwined in building the corporation. In the movie it is apparent that the company, INITECH, has several strained relationships between employees and managers, flaws in the system, disgruntled employees, flaws in the elements of the social system leading to inconsistency among individuals work ethic. As a member of Dr. Ridley’s consultation course I was able to discover several flaws in the INITECH office environment, as well as improvements that could be made to minimize tension between employees and management.
Consultation and INITECH
There is a history behind the term consultation. There are many different definitions that are in literature with many inadequacies. From the lecture series we have established that the definition of consultation involves purposeful interventions designed to assist client organizations in becoming more effective (Ridley, 2013). Constituents and stakeholders of organizations should be the beneficiaries of improved organizational effectiveness. Breaking down this definition one discovers every intervention used should be oriented towards a specific purpose. Those purposes must have something to do with the mission of the organization. In the movie, the consultants failed to define and discover the mission of the organization. One can see from the movie that the employees felt there was no sufficient mission statement a part of the organization.
Failing to address the inconsistencies between the mission statement and the office environment leads a failed attempt at assisting client organizations. As a consultant, the target of intervention is the client organization. The idea behind having a target of intervention is to help the consultant focus on the organization and discover the best point to entry to help minimize dysfunction. There are various entry points: individual, group, or organization but regardless of where you start everything you do must be for the benefit of the entire organization. So if the problem seems to be in the marketing department and you try to teach communication skills to the marketing department and nothing else then you are incompetent. You must always act in the interest of the...

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