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An Examination Of The Palistinian Israeli Conflict

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The Palestinian and Israeli conflict can be resolved only if both countries agree to internationalize Jerusalem: this holy city is the home of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The city has important religious connections with all three faiths; the Jews and the Christians see it as has a land of prophets and a promised land for all children of Abraham, the Christians see it also as the birthplace of Jesus, and the Muslim have the al Aqsa Intifada. This has been an on going war between Palestinians who are Muslims and Israelis who are Jews caused by conflicting religious and historical claims to the city, the desire of displaced Jews for a homeland and Palestinian anger at the British and U.S backed takeover of the city by the Israeli Jews. The effects of the conflict have been terrorist attacks around the world by both sides and the deaths of many soldiers and civilians.

In the religious history of the Jews, Muslims, and Christians Jerusalem is the holy land. For Muslims around the world, Jerusalem has holy importance; they have specific instructions mentioned in the hadith that "saddles should be prepared only for three mosques: Al-Masjed Al-Haram (in Mecca), Al-Masjed A-Aqsa (in Jeruslem), and my mosque (in Medina)." This indicates the great importance Muslims place on Jerusalem. The Jews believe the birthplace of Jewish people is the land of Israel (Eretz Israel). According to the bible; Jerusalem, its cultural, religious, and national identity was formed there; its physical presence has been maintained there through the centuries, even after the majority was forced into exile. The Arab Muslims accuse the West to be pro Israel because Christians have also been instructed by the Bible that the Jews should live in the Promised Land, which is Jerusalem; only then would Jesus Christ be able to come back for the second coming.

The Palestinians accuse the Zionists of invading their holy land through a series of international conspiracies. The Zionism movement, led by the Jewish writer, Theodora Herzl (1860-1904), was successful with the help of the British mandate. The main goal of Zionism was to gather all the Jews from all over the world to Palestine to make a home for them. The British had helped settle the Jews in Palestine, but also promised to establish a united independent Arab state in the east, including Palestine. After the British helped with the political Zionism the concept of a Jewish state was developed. Meanwhile the Arabs were losing control and losing rights in every way. In the years that the English were helping build the Jewish state, the Palestinians were forced out of their homes and their lands were taken from them because of high taxes, leaving them landless and poor. The English acted neutral as far as the Palestinians were concerned, but they did more harm then good. In 1948 when the English left Israel, it enabled the Jews to take over the cities, airports, and posts and weapons. The Palestinians not...

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