An Examination Yoshihara Kunio’s Explanation Of The Economic Growth Of Postwar Japan

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Crime costs money to local and national governments and to private citizens; and the Japanese have a remarkably social way of controlling their crime rates. The Japanese national conscience is so intense that it was used to “[convince] people that failure to keep up their social obligations would mean a loss of social respect,” (Kunio, 2006, p. 89). Japanese society, educational system, and government instill a pervasive sense of character that is uniquely Japanese. However political problems may arise if the leaders instilling this sense of identity for their own good and not for the good of the whole that they are trying to create. There is always the possibility of institutional corruption that could create problems when people become dissatisfied and restless with their government. “The belief of the government elite that they too belonged to the Japanese community and that it was their duty to contribute to its welfare,” (Kunio, 2006, p. 90) the fact that no one is truly above the rules of society even through the social ladder is a sign of extreme unity within Japan.
Examples of effective Japanese management policies “include lifetime employment, seniority-graded wages, seniority-based promotion, job rotation, emphasis on management philosophy and objectives, flexible management (little dependence on the job manual), group decision making, group responsibility, emphasis on smooth human relations, ringi, and the minimization of status differences between workers and managers,” (Kunio, 2006, p. 90). In Japan a company that a person works for is more than the place that they earn their paycheck at; according to Kunio in Japan workers have to learn the philosophy of their company and attend a variety of training courses that eventually creates a way for the employee to identify with their employer. One of the strengths of Japanese culture is to create an identity for its people and to create a sense of duty to upholding values of honor, hard work, and responsibility. The principle of seniority made a large impact on Japanese business as well because it helped “by avoiding hostile relations between management and unions, it reduced industrial strife” (Kunio, 2006, p. 90). In a nation like the United States where workers feel threatened by and put up strong resistance to new technology in the workplace the workers feel that way because they are afraid that the technology will eliminate the need for their presence. However, in Japan because of the policy of “lifetime employment meant that workers were less resistant to new technology, since they would be assigned to another job,” (Kunio, 2006, p. 90) which in turn might make their job easier and they would still be employed.
Another example of a Japanese business practice is Quality Control which works in conjunction with the Japanese management method. “Workers are willing to use their off-work time to improve their skills and to work as a team to improve production methods,” (Kunio, 2006,...

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