An Example Of An Individual Education Plan For An Elementary School Student

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IEP Goals and Objectives
The following Individualized goal bank includes examples of goals for students in an elementary school class of students with Mild Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. Some students have secondary disabilities and require the services of a Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and/or Physical Therapist.:
1. The student, when presented with object and/or pictures, will match by color, shape and/or design, with 80% accuracy by date.
2. The student, when presented with letters, numbers and/or words, will match with 80% accuracy, by date.
3. The student, when presented with upper and lower case letters, will be able to decide the difference between the letters with 80% accuracy, by date.
1. The student will name all upper and lower case letters and identify the given sounds with 80% accuracy, by date.
2. The student, given a reading passage on the student’s instructional level, will blend beginning, middle, and ending (CVC) sounds to form words with 80% accuracy, by date.
3. The student will read (number) of sight words, with 80% accuracy, by date.
4. The student, given a reading passage on the his/her (instructional level), and ( a number of minutes) to read, will demonstrate oral reading fluency by reading (a number) of words, by date.
5. The student will demonstrate comprehension of a reading passage on his/her instructional level by answering questions from the text using picture symbols, by date.
1. The student, given pencil and paper, will copy patterns and shapes independently from a visual model with 80% accuracy, by date.
2. The student, given pencil and paper, will copy words independently from a visual model with 80% accuracy, by date.
3. The student, when writing, will write using left to right, and top to bottom progression with 100% accuracy, by date.
4. The student, when given a sentence, will begin sentences with capital letters and end with a period with 80% accuracy, by date.
5. The student, given a topic and (number) minutes to write, will write (number) words pertaining to the topic, by date.
1. The student, given two or more sets of manipulatives, will apply the concept of addition to combine the sets of manipulatives and find the total amount with 80% accuracy, by date.
2. The student, given two or more sets of manipulatives, will apply the concept of subtraction to find the difference in value between the two sets with 80% accuracy, by date.
3. The student, given a math probe on his/her instructional level, will complete single/double digit addition/subtraction problems up to (number) with 80% accuracy by date.
4. The student, given a set of numbers, the will solve double digit addition problems without regrouping with 80% accuracy, by date.
5. The student will be able to identify and give numerical value to penny, nickel, dime and quarter, with 80% accuracy, by date.
1. The student will improve socialization skills by responding...

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