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An Excellent Potential Engineer At U Of T

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When I think of a university that has a great opportunity to really learn I think of U of T. Studying at U of T would be a dream, because everything about the university is diverse. The buildings, the people, and the area; all different; encourage me to study at the University of Toronto. However my loves of math, science and design as well as the smart and creative engineering atmosphere have inspired me to pursue an engineering degree. To succeed in engineering, I will rely on valuable skills learned and experiences from extra-curricular activities. Downhill ski racing and set design has allowed me to manage my time well and think creatively.
Driving through the campus gates and into King’s College circle is breath taking. The architecture and history of the school can be seen in one glance down the field right to the University College building. The old architecture beside the modern buildings really shows the integrity and diversity among the campus. Being set in downtown Toronto adds to the variety. China town, Queens Park and that snazzy downtown feel surrounds the St. George Campus. The physical campus is perfect. Adding to the diversity, U of T is a multicultural school. Which means a good chance to learn more about other cultures and backgrounds. Although the students may be from different cultures and different areas around the world, there is a common theme; the love of U of T; the love of the greatest university in the world.

Engineering combines math, science and design to create structures, machines and processes. The inspiration for pursuing an engineering degree came from my love of mathematics, science and design. Mathematics has always been easy, simple and understandable. My love of mathematics and science is always growing, the longer I pursue them the more they intertwine and become similar and I think that the engineering degree will really combine the two well. Design however is different it is unique. To design something well one must have artistic sense. From sketching everyday and pursuing art in my free time as well as a class in school has helped inspire me to become an engineer. A strong math and science background paired with artistic characteristics is exactly what the faculty of engineering is looking for. Downhill ski racing and set design are both extra curricular activities that will support me in engineering.
Competitive alpine ski racing is about dedication and time management. A ski racer is the same as any other athlete who practices the sport and stays...

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