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An Experience In Fly Tying Essay

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For my topic I choose to experiment in an almost ancient art of Fly-tying. The art of fly-tying originated in the United States of America back in the 1820's. Over time man has perfected this art and passed it on from generation to generation. I selected this topic because of the combined creativity and both mental and physical abilities it requires to perfect the true art of tying a perfect fly. The basic materials that are required for tying a fly are: a vise, an object used to hold the hook while tying a fly, a small pair of scissors, used for cutting feather and assorted materials, and bobbin. The most useful tool is the bobbin because it holds the thread and replaces the tedious task of holding the spool of thread in your hand. The hackle pliers are another important tool in the fly-tying process because the are used to hold hackle which is a type of feather. The first thing that we did was read the book that which is called: TheL.L.Bean Fly-Tying Handbook. I first learned how to tie a whip finish. A whip finish is the finished series of knots used to complete the fly and the knot that keeps the whole fly together. This is done by hand to insure that everything is tightly tied. The second task completed was start to tie the fly. First, I attached the thread to the hook near the eye of the hook and then trimmed off the tag end of the thread. Next I cut off a piece of pipe cleaner called chenille. Using my thumbnail, I scraped off the little...

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