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An Experiment To Find Out If The Emotional Fluctuation Was Reflected In Biological Responses.

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AbstractThe experiment was to find out if the emotional fluctuation was reflected in biological responses. Galvanic skin conductance, pulse and inter beat interval was used as indicators to measure the emotional fluctuation of the subject. These informations were pick up by a computer through applying electrodes to the experimental subject. It was found that the actual statistical outcome did match with the expected outcome; there was a significant change in biological responses to stimuli, when the stimuli was presented in an unexpected format or the content of the stimuli itself was sensitive to the subject.The galvanic skin response (GSR), also known as the psychlogalvanic reflex (PGR) and electrodermal response (EDR), is the most sensitive physiological indicator of psychological events available to the psychologist. (Montagu, J. D. & Coles, E. M., 1966) It is a convenient and sensitive index of autonomic arousal that has been used as a measure of emotion in laboratory studies. GSR cover two distinct but related phenomena, they are the drop in the electrical resistance of the skin to the passage of an applied current which is discovered by Fere(1888) and the change in the natural potential difference between two areas of the body surface which is the phenomenon of Tarchanoff(1890). Although the quantitative relationship between them is uncertain, these two phenomena normally occur spontaneously (Montagu, 1958). In our experience, we would focus on the change in the electrical resistance of the sin to the passage of an applied current.Regarding the peripheral mechanism of the GSR, there have been three basic theories: the muscular theory, the vascular theory and the secretory theory. (Montagu, J. D. & Coles, E. M., 1966) The muscular theory attributed the electrical changes to muscular activity beneath the skin at the site of the electrode (Sidis & Nelson, 1910). The vascular theory attributed the electrical changes to a change in tone of the blood vessels of the skin (Fere, 1888; McDowall, 1933). The secretory theory maintained that it is caused by changes in the activity of the sweat glands (Darrow, 1927; Peterson & Jung, 1907). However, according to two series of experiments conducted by Lader and Montagu(1963), in which skin resistance and pulse volume were recorded simultaneously form the same finger, the results indicate that the GSR is mediated solely through the sympathetic cholinergic nerve supply to the skin, and that it is entirely attributable to changes in the sweat glads. The changes are probably in the nature of a decrease in polarization accompanying an increase in permeability of the cell membrane (Gildemeister, 1915). So, an increase in the electrical conductivity of the skin that occurs when sweat glands increase their activity is the basic mechanism of the GSR.The drop in electrical resistance of the skin, which follows a stimulus, is not a response but the result of the response. The response is an increase...

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