An Experimental Study On Hydrothermal Treatment Of Sweet Sorghum Bagasse For The Extraction Of Hemicellulose

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Hydrothermal treatment can be used for the on-farm processing of lignocellulosic materials. This study investigated the hydrothermal treatment of sweet sorghum bagasse (SSB) powder for the extraction of hemicellulose from it. Changes in chemical composition of SSB and the formation of sugars and hydrolytic products were studied. The optimum conditions of 12.54% (g/g) substrate concentration and 90 minutes of isothermal treatment residence time at 394 K were conducive to the extraction of 72.61-72.77% hemicellulose and producing a hydrolysate containing 56.06-63.54 g/L reducing sugars and 5.52-6.80 g/L furfurals. The treated SSB residue contained about 56.30-56.42 % (g/g) cellulose and ...view middle of the document...

A number of low temperature long residence time pretreatment processes have been proposed and investigated for the decentralized pretreatment applications (Bals, Teymouri et al. 2012). Many studies have investigated the low severity treatment processes for the lignocellulosic materials for the production of bioethanol. Study of the ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX™) pretreatment of corn stover at low temperature (400C) long residence time (8 hours) and high temperature (80-2000C) short duration (5-30 minutes) AFEX™ process had almost equal overall sugar yields (Bals, Teymouri et al. 2012). Similarly, calcium hydroxide treatment of lignocellulosic material containing 18-24% lignin for about a month at 550C and 1 atmospheric pressure (Granda, Holtzapple et al. 2009), lime treatment of switchgrass at 500C for 24 hours and 394 K for 1 hour (Xu, Cheng et al. 2010), soaking of corn stover with 29.5 wt. %, aqueous ammonia at room temperature for 10 days (Kim and Lee 2005), soaking of barley hull at 750C for 48 hours using 15 wt. % aqueous ammonia with 12:1 liquid to solid ratio (Kim, Taylor et al. 2008), on-farm treatment of reed canary grass and switchgrass using 18 N sulphuric acid for 90 days (Digman, Shinners et al. 2010) and treatment of water hyacinth at 950C for 1 hour using 0.88% H2SO4 or 2% NaOH (Aswathy, Sukumaran et al. 2010) are examples of research applicable for decentralized pretreatment.

Among the lignocellulosic materials, sweet sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is considered as a potential feedstock for biorefinery operations in areas with harsh conditions like limited water availability (8000 m3 per hectare for two crops), water logging, salinity and alkalinity (Shen, Saddler et al. 2011). It can produce multiple products such as grains, fodder and sugar juice. The stalks left after the extraction of sugar can be used for biorefinery operations to produce biofuels and biomaterials. Autohydrolysis of sweet sorghum bagasse for the hemicellulose extraction had been investigated by Choudary et al., (2007) and the microwave-assisted heating of the substrate enhanced the hemicellulose yield significantly. Similar results have been obtained on materials like switch grass, and canary reed grass. The use of electromagnetic energy for the commercial level treatment of lignocellulosic materials, especially in developing countries, requires the capital cost be reduced by many folds for the economical feasibility. Conventional use of process energy required in processing applications in the form of steam would be more suitable for the treatment of lignocellulosic material in developing as well as developed countries.

There are few studies conducted on the extraction of hemicellulose through a process which can be applied in on-farm conditions. The acceptance of the decentralized pretreatment technology by farmers may be dependent on economical, safety, health and social factors (Van Soest 2006). Each feedstock and treatment process will...

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