An Explanation Of Corporate Crime Essay

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An Explanation of Corporate Crime

This analytical source review will analyse and detail the views and
opinions of four different sources including: The sociology of
corporate crime: an obituary, Corporate Crime, Corporate Crime at the
tip of the iceberg and White Collar and Corporate Crime.

The topic this review will be primarily concerned with is corporate
crime, the topic will be examined and the notion of ignorance towards
the subject will be addressed. However in order to research and
provide a review on the subject in hand a brief definition of
corporate crime is required. White collar crime and corporate crime
are referred to as the same subject however, Gary and Slapper argue
that the term white collar crime should be restricted to the study of
crimes by the individually rich or powerful which are committed in the
furtherance of their own interests, often against corporations for
which they are working. Organisational illegalities or rather
corporate crimes on the other hand, are individual or collective
illegalities that are perceived as helping to achieve the
organisational goals set by the dominant coalition within an
organisation. Kramer (1984: 18) in Gary and Slapper (p.16) describes
the concept of corporate crime:

By the concept of corporate crime, then we wish to focus attention on
criminal acts (of omission or commission) which are the result of
deliberate decision making (or culpable negligence) of those who
occupy structural positions within the organisation as corporate
executives or managers. These decisions are organisationally based –
made in accordance with the normative goals (primarily corporate
profit), standard operating procedures, and cultural norms of the
organisation- and are intended to benefit the corporation itself

Source One

The first article ‘The sociology of corporate crime: An obituary’ is
from the online journal Theoretical Criminology available through
swetswise an online collection of journals available to universities.
The author is Laureen Snider from Queen’ University in Canada. This
source makes three main arguments; firstly that the brand of state
regulation known as corporate crime has disappeared, secondly it has
been argued into obsolescence through specialised knowledge claims
advanced through particular discourses by powerful elites, an thirdly
that the acceptance of these knowledge claims cannot be understood
without examining the relationship to the corporate counter-revolution
that has legitimised practically every acquisitive, profit generating
act of the corporate sector. The article argues that criminal law
does not work in areas that concern crimes of the powerful; for
example marketing unsafe products, maintaining unsafe workplaces,
defrauding workers, dumping waste and misrepresenting or not

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