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An Exploration Of Love Poetry Essay

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An Exploration of Love Poetry


Poetry is an idiosyncratic way of a person trying to articulate their
feelings or other in a different way about a variety of topics, love,
past experiences, politics etc. With the use of metaphors and similes,
one can show diverse things without having to be precise about them.
Not just words can tell us about the poem, a lot of the time we can
learn how the poet is trying to express themselves, by looking at the
sentence composition, how it is laid out, how many lines there are,

The roles of the masculine and feminine civilization in society were
remarkably dissimilar through a long period between the 16th and 17th
century. They saw women as objects and objectified and discriminated
them, men and women both had expectations and duties, which they were
expected to live up to. The modern day views on love and relationship
are diverse when compared to the views during 16th and 17th century.
The modern era sees relationships as being equal and in some cases
women are seen as the prominent and powerful out of the two. Class
division were defined by the upper classes base on the way people
spoke, acted, dress etc. A lot of the poems which were written in this
time, talk about upper class men manipulating lower and middle class
women to fall in love with them.

Through out the16th and 17th century men saw women as sexual symbols,
women had to accept this they were not given the initiative of a free
mind. Women were expected to idolise their husbands, and fulfil their
duties as wives, to any extent in gratifying their spouse.

"To His Coy Mistress" by Andy Marvell and "The Passionate Shepherd to
His Love" by Christopher Marlowe support this pre-dominant image of
love during the 16th and 17th century. Both poets juxtapose the time
period in which the poems were written. The characters in the poems
both see women as sexual objects; furthermore they both try to show
men as the stronger and more influential sex. These two poems convey
their message in very dissimilar styles.

The two poems use very different arguments to try to persuade the
woman to do similar things. These two arguments are close to being
completely the opposite even though they are trying to achieve the
same thing.

Marvell's playful entanglements of sex and condescension are
conspicuous in his metaphysical poem. He achieves this by using
overwrought similes outsized metaphors and hyperboles for example, 'an
hundred years', 'like amorous birds of prey' and 'vegetable love.' He
uses these techniques to enrich meanings and to express how strong his
sexual feelings are for his mistress the speaker's "mistress" that
signifies she is a lady to whom courtesy and courtly convention and
erotic longing attribute is conveyed giving her a super ordinate
status in the...

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