An Expository Essay On How To Become A Successful Musician.

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Becoming a successful MusicianBy ElectrostasisThe work of a musician is not as easy as everyone says it is. It is difficult, time-consuming and not always fun and games. You must want to learn, be dedicated to music, and not give up easily. Still interested? You cannot simply learn to play an instrument from reading an essay, but I'll try to ease you into the jist of it.To start off, you need to choose your instrument. Choose wisely, for once you learn an instrument you are dedicated to it, unless you have an excess of time and money. If you like a higher pitched sound, you may enjoy an instrument such as a flute, but if a deeper sound is what you like than a baritone or trombone is right up your alley. The rest of the instruments include clarinets, trumpets, drums, or guitars. The possibilities are endless, but you must decide on one.When choosing your instrument, there are many different methods of choice. If you are considering a concert instrument such as a French horn or an oboe, I would recommend going to your public library and checking-out a classical music CD. Listen to it, and if a particular sound catches your attention, then you may have found your instrument. Another possibility is going to a live performance of a symphony and listen to music there. You may even be able to talk to the player of your favorite instrument and ask him or her about the instrument. Musicians can be a wonderful source of information on instruments. If you are more into rock and popular music, then just turn on your radio and listen. There aren't many instruments in a rock band. Most consist basically of guitars, basses and drums. Your choice should not be a hard one, but be sure to listen to each instrument first so you know what to expect.Even before you choose your instrument, you must have sufficient funds to buy your instrument. If you do not have enough money to buy an instrument, then rental is another good option. Rental of an instrument costs anything from thirty to fifty dollars a month, covering insurance too. I highly recommend renting an instrument before you buy one. You may dislike your instrument, and wish to switch instruments, which will cost you great amounts of money if you bought your instrument. After you are sure you will stick with this instrument, then it's time to buy.For your first instrument, you should always buy the beginners model of your instrument. Locate a local music shop and ask about a beginner's model on your instrument, and the pricing. Beware of shopkeepers that will lie to you and try to con you into buying some fancy thing. You only need the base model, and nothing higher for beginning. If you cannot locate a music shop, then I recommend looking on the Internet for a new or used musical instrument. If you do not mind an instrument being used, then check out for great deals on instruments.The next task in your quest to be a musician, is finding a proper teacher. I recommend getting private lessons from...

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