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An Expository Esssay On The First 3 Chapters Of 'the Great Gatsby'

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In the name of GodShort story term paper by Yasmin HafeziPsychoanalytic Approach to Miss Brill's Behaviors Based on the Narrator's Depiction/Katherine Mansfield suggests several clues to Miss Brill's mental status as well as her social portrait by applying different narrative styles to the short story, Miss Brill. The narrator describes her surroundings and Miss Brill's way of thinking also, so that the narrator can be identified with Miss Brill. This identification vests readers with validity to reason that the changes in narrator's tone, selective sensory perceptions, and other clues would play a crucial role to analyze Miss Brill's psychology. Here are some possible interpretations based upon textual evidences.First, Miss Brill has a great ability to describe the objects she observes from her "special" seat. She seems to be proud of her voyeuristic observations in the sentence, "She had become really quite expert, she thought, at listening as though she didn't listen, at sitting in other people's lives just for a minute while they talked round her." She regards her quality of 'not being noticed' is her specialty. Overhearing other people's conversation means not being actively involved in the events such as not getting out of one's comfort zone. The young couple's conversation is based on their observation of 'Miss Brill'. Her unilateral voyeurism is disturbed by the young couple and therefore, loses her specialty of being unique "expert" in observing. The whole process of Miss Brill's peeping and her reaction to 'being peeped' implies that she is voyeuristic in some degree.Second, Miss Brill's dissatisfaction separates and isolates her from the outer space. She does not have anyone to hear "ma petite cherie" from. Her life is not intensely exciting that even "an almond [inside a slice of honey cake] "can be considered as "a tiny present". There is nothing much to attract Miss Brill to her daily life. This is why she sees other characters as substances with certain colors or animals as opposed to humans. If she does not take others as humans, how could she understand them? The narrator - or disguised Miss Brill - reveals the sense of distance as a result which she cannot make up:Something low, that scarcely rose or fell something so beautiful - moving…. And Miss Brill's eyes filled with tears and she looked smiling at all the other members of the company. Yes, we understand, she thought - though what they understand she didn't know.She cannot be one of "we". The distance she keeps and the consequences of it make Miss Brill more difficult to settle in the society. She puts herself into the "cupboard" just as she puts her fur into "the box".Third, Miss Brill's escapism to her "cupboard" induces her autistic behavior. Her deliberate indifference originated from her unwillingness to accept the reality, stimulates her imagination. Her imagination is almost the only thing she controls without risking anything. She imagines herself as an...

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An Expository Esssay On The First 3 Chapters Of 'the Great Gatsby'

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