A Reflection: An Inconvenient Truth Essay

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The movie "An Inconvenient Truth" is not only a mere documentation it is a strong and very passionate message to the people all over the world that our planet is not on a slow progress to imminent doom, but that already all over the world we are experiencing the beginning of the end. True that this might seem like ridiculous exaggeration to most people but that's just foolish wistfulness on these individuals' parts. If they do not already see the upheavals that are occurring in the world today then they need to open their eyes a little bit more.Albert Arnold Gore is a visionary and a pioneer. He has taken the most monumental step today in informing the people of the crisis situation that is developing and worsening. Personally, I knew that global warming today has rapidly been becoming a major concern but what the movie showed truly shocked me. I guess it is no surprise that most people would think this was just a mere blow up to a minor issue but is it truly so? Aren't there already so much evidence that supports Algore's campaign against this issue? In the movie Algore talked most about was the dangerous increase in the carbon dioxide levels as a consequence. What this statistic showed was that with increasing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere more and more infrared light become trapped and thus causing an increase in temperature. Well, it would be good if, say, all the consequence to this would be a little warmer world but no, the resulting effect is not that easily dismissible. Fiercer cyclones, typhoons and storms are resulting from global warming. Vast masses of lands are sinking under water. The ecosystems of the world are also being negatively affected by this issue. The scene in the movie where Algore showed a short clip of a polar bear swimming in a vast ocean...

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