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An Extract From Divergent: Tris Essay

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Divergent – Tris
I live in a society where you are asked to choose one behavior. Where I live there are 5 different factions that you have to choose from. There is the dauntless, amity, erudite, candor, and abnegation. I was raised an abnegation. My parents and older brother Caleb were meant to be abnegation, but not so much for me. Our life was so boring. We did not have entertainment or anything in that nature. We were expected to be selfless. I couldn’t handle it. It just wasn’t me. Thank goodness we didn’t have to stay in the faction we were born into. Our only way out was at the choosing ceremony. We would take an aptitude test to give us a recommendation on which faction would best suit us but ultimately, the choice was ours in the end.
The day before the choosing ceremony, we went to take an aptitude test. This test wasn’t any normal test. In this test, we entered a virtual world that put us in situations where we had to make quick choices that determined our outcome on the test. But the only catch to it was, you had no idea what type of test it would be beforehand. I will never forget the feeling that hit me when they called my name at the ceremony. When I heard, “From Abnegation: Susan Black and Beatrice Prior” my chest felt like it was going to explode. I couldn’t breathe. I walked into the testing room and sat in a chair. The lady administering my test was a girl named Tori, whom was Dauntless. She had a tattoo on her back of a hawk with a red eye. I asked her about it and she told me it resembled her conquered fear of the dark. She was surprised by my question and stated that she had never met a curious abnegation before. She attached electrodes to my head and told me to drink this unknown beverage, so I did. I felt my throat closing and everything went black.
When I awoke I was no longer in the testing room. I was in an empty cafeteria and on the table in front of my laid a knife and a block of cheese. Confused, I did not grab either. Then I hear a voice saying, “Choose one!” but I still did not pick either. Finally I asked why, and she replies with “Fine, Have it your way.” When I turn back, the knife and cheese disappeared. I turn back around and a large dog is standing behind me snarling its teeth. That’s when I realized I should’ve grabbed either the cheese or the knife. I remember from something I learned in the past that when a dog feels threatened he will attack but if you show submission then it will lighten up. So that’s what I did and the dog became pleased with me and licked my face until out of nowhere I hear “Puppy!” I look over and a little girl is running at the dog with her arms extended. The dog snarls again and pounces. I leap and wrap my arms around its neck, tackling it before it could get the girl. Suddenly, both vanish. When I opened my eyes after my head hit the ground I was back in the testing room, except I could not see my reflection in any of the mirrors. I walked back out the door that normally led to...

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