An Historical Event That Changed America

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On April 19, 1775, Americans will never forget when many deaths and historical events occurred allowing the colonist to receive their victoriorous justice. Colonists were frustrated because Britain forced them not to have any representation in the British Parliament. This led to an American battle which had 4,435 deaths involving this event. Although, we lost many lives during this time period, we gained justice and independence from Great Britain, with the help of one of Americas strongests allie; the French. In fact, without assistance, the Americans were no match for Britains; showing the hatred towards the British from the French and Americans, thus, making it easy for them to form an alliance. In 1778, representatives of both America and France signed the Treaty of Alliance. The two countries agreed to aid each other in the event of a British attack; from that present day to any upcoming battles dealing with Great Britian. Consquently, neither of the countries would make amends with England until independence of the United States was recognized. This allowed America to form an alliance with the French that was acknowledging America to gain their independence. Since the French asisted the United States they donated funds to help, involving the French navy to the French military, to inhance America's independence. The American Revolutionary war is one of the greatest historical stories known, because it started with the Britain and American colonists disagreements, taxes and unfair laws enforced by the government.
The begining, of the Revolution war it had an open conflict between the uniting of the thirteen colonies and Great Britain. This caused Great Britain to overpower the thirteen colonies and treating the colonies poorly. Americans felt they deserved all the same rights the Englishmen received. The Britains on the other hand felt the colonies were created to be used in the way that best suited the ruler and parliament. The Americans begged the British by addressing to the king to "Give [them] liberty or give [them] death" (Daniel 167), which was used to protest in the speech of the Revolutionary warfare. This declares that the people will fight for their rights, justice and freedom from Great Britain. This means sacrificing their lives for the upcoming generations to receive their victorious rights. Although, the colonists protested and spoke with the rulers of Great Britian, the people were still unheard.
Furthermore, Great Britain had commanded new payment methods which created a ruckus with the Americans causeing great anger. Rebellion and discontent were rampant. The colonies started rebelling against ‘Mother England’ because of taxes issued to the colonies, in as much, England’s power did not allow them to have representation. The Revenue Act of 1764 made the Constitutional issue of whether or not the king had the right to tax the people who are living in his kingdom or the thirteen colonies. Eventually, this "became an...

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