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The Perfect Party Essay

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"Dude, Kickin' Party Man" What makes a great party? Nothing much actually, just a couple of friends, some food, mixed with a little music, a house to house it, and a great ambiance.When one needs to plan a party, that is, either of want, need, or because you got the short end of the stick and the annual "bash" is at your house this year, is what kind of party is it supposed to be? Is it going to be a "fun filled holiday family get-together", or is it going to try to be one of the greatest parties ever done just to show people that you can hold the best parties? For the purpose of this essay the party will be a "small" homecoming party, that is, not too much commotion but just enough to have the neighbors on the verge of calling the police.The date is the an important part of planning a party, I would think it is the second most important part next to the idea of hosting a party. The date is really important because you cannot have a successful party if you know all of the people you were thinking of inviting are going to be out of the country. As stated before, it is going to be a homecoming party so the party should take place after the homecoming game, which ""hopefully- the home team won.To think of a successful party is to invite successful "partiers", that is, to invite people you know are going to liven the party. After the main "party people" have been added to a list it should be a good idea to think where this said homecoming party is going to take place because you do not want three hundred rowdy high school seniors in a basement. A house should be fine, but a house with durable wooden or linoleum floors would be prodigious on the fact that you do not have to deal with stains to the carpet.The supplies take considerable notion at a party, because people will leave if you don't have anything to eat. As a matter of fact, good host not only have food, but drinks as well. I don't mean alcoholic drinks, even thought the liquor is bound to rear its smelly little head at one point or another. The second main supply in a high school homecoming party is the chips. You might want to buy the largest bags you can find since they do provide with more chip per dollar, and as some long gone forgotten person said, "the more you save, the happier you'll be." Two things that go "hand in hand" are chips and dip. You cannot have chips if you do not have the dip; it is a crime against the basic fundamentals of a great party! The greatest dip, in my opinion, is the "sour cream "˜n' onion" variety sold at any local supermarket, but a wholesale...

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