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The Perfect Place For Departure Essay

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The Perfect Place for Departure
The scenic beauty and vast historical background of Charleston makes it an ideal location for cruise ships to embark from. It is both beneficial and lucrative for Charleston to have a port for ships. Historic downtown Charleston is known for its southern hospitality and caters to the needs of non Charlestonians, thus making it appealing for those attending a cruise. “Home to the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, as well as exquisite dining options, amazing beaches, shopping and countless historical sites, this charming seaside southern city is a fantastic destination in itself!” (Cruise Network) The trip to the port is a vacation in itself, even before setting sail to the Caribbean, or another tropical location offered by the cruise line. Downtown thrives on tourists and gladly welcomes them with open arms to accommodate their needs. Also, It is easy to get to the coast of Charleston and is even simpler once arrival. The departure of cruise ships from Charleston’s port is extremely beneficial for Charleston’s economy, locals, and cruisegoers.
Charleston’s economy, like the rest of the United States, is not in the best shape. It could certainly use as many lucrative “tourist seasons” as possible to give it an extra boost. Cruise companies most certainly help with that, “Assuming 60% of passengers stay two nights in the port where a cruise begins and ends, more than $250,000 would be pumped into the local economy. Maritime services and supplies could add another $200,000 per ship.”(Charleston Lowcountry). With a little more than $250,000 being brought in to Charleston economy for just the two night cruises millions of dollars will soon be circulating in the city’s economy once again. Cruise lines bring many people to the location of departure, including tourists as well as the ship’s crew. Those who drive from out of the Charleston County will need something to do with their cars while they are gone of course. A parking lot set up for specifically cruise ship members is set up, and generates new revenue.” Cruise ships benefit a number of businesses, including local retailers, travel agents, food suppliers; ship repair companies, stevedores, tour operators, hotels, restaurants and bus and taxi companies”(HELP). With the port being located so conveniently to many hotels, restaurants, and attractions, tourist can easily fuel the economy with their wallets before or after their trip. Those driving long distances to get to Charleston need a place to stay before their cruise begins; this in turn boosts hotel business. The crew also needs places to stay if they do not reside in Charleston, as well as places to eat. There are hundreds of places to dine within walking distance of the port, just waiting to serve tourists. Many of the restaurants depend on people who are not native to Charleston, or even South Carolina, to keep their business alive. Local businesses specialize in care for those who are not...

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