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My life in early 19th century was very dreadful and scary. I was from a poor family where father goes to work in factories for 12-18 hours a day. I was from Germany. Jews was the most segregated religion in Germany. We did not have full right to do a certain things such as go to certain college to get education, shoe our religion freely to other and enjoy our festival. My father used to get a low wages in work and we have to live with the things we have we have no right to argue back for wages or anything. At that time pneumonia,tuberculosis and influenza were very common dieses. If anybody get sick in family we did not have much money to cure or buy medicine. There was a struggle going on ...view middle of the document...

Because of the starvation and as well as sickness i lost my mother. When my father and i get in the U.S.A we entered from the New York. Through “Golden Door”. Where the people did not let us enter. So we had to wait outside for a lot or days and finally one day they let us entered in U.S.A. When we wee going to search for the house to live in the big city. I saw a lot of people living under one house where there was no good water. And people were lying in the street because they did not had a place to live. The environment was so bad and disgusting. We search every building and every street for the shelter and finally we got the place to live in a small building. It did not have a bed and the closet to keep our clothes and stuff. We did not even have a little space where we could pray. I did not the the place to play. We all were new to this country so we stay at home like 3 days and finally my father go out the the city in search of jobs. My father got job in the steel company where there in no spare time to spend with the family. He had to work...

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