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An Impact On The Geographical Loction On Custoemr Buying Behavior

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Table of Contents1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Background of the Study 3 1.2 Overview of the Organization 3 1.3 Scope of the Study 3 1.4 Research Aims and Objectives 4 1.5 Research Questions 4 1.6 Success Criteria for the Study 5 2.0 Literature Review 6 2.1 Customer buying behaviour 6 2.2 Buying a Product or Receiving a Service 7 2.3 Customer Behaviour Model 7 2.3.1 Status Confidence: 8 2.3.2 Heterogeneity: 8 2.3.3 Unstable Environment: 8 2.4 Cultural and Social Factors influencing Customer Buying Decisions 8 2.5 Geographical Factors Influencing Customer Buying Decisions 8 2.6 Geographical Locations Covered by H&M 9 2.6.1 Asia: 9 2.6.2 Europe: 9 2.6.3 North America: 10 3.0 Research Methodology 11 3.1 Methodology of the Research 11 3.2 Philosophy of the Research 11 3.3 Research Design 12 3.4 Research Approaches 13 3.5 Research Strategy 14 3.6 Data Collection Method 15 3.6.1 Primary Data 15 3.6.2 Secondary Data 15 3.7 Sample Size and Methods 15 4.0 Data Analysis and Findings 16 4.1 Data Analysis 16 4.1.1 Employees Surveyed: 16 4.1.2 Social Value Consideration by Fashion: 16 4.1.3 Impact of Geographic Location on Customer Buying Decision: 17 4.1.4 Customer Demands Fulfilled by H&M: 17 4.2 Findings 18 5.0 Recommendations and Conclusion 19 5.1 Recommendations 19 5.2 Conclusion 19 References 20 Appendix A 23 List of Figures1 Logo of H&M 3 2 Five-stage customer buying decision process 6 3 10 steps to research design 13 4 Research Strategy 14 5 Employees surveyed 16 6 Social value consideration 16 7 Impact of geographic location on customer buying decision 17 8 Customer demands fulfilled by H&M 17 1.0 Introduction1.1 Background of the StudyThis research study is based on a critical analysis of the customer buying behaviour in different markets located in different areas. It is often observed that the customers of one geographic area behave differently from the customers of other geographic areas even while purchasing the same product or services (Vikram and Raja, 2013). To understand the pattern of their behaviour, in this research, a clothing business organization has been chosen to study on. The name of the company is H&M (Hennes & Mauritz AB) Company. It is a Sweden based clothing company having business in different geographical places around the world.This research basically tries to find out the relationship between the geographic area and the pattern of customer buying behaviour (Vikram and Raja, 2013). The findings of this research study will help global business organizations to design and implement their marketing strategy and business policy on the basis of the buying behaviour of the customers.1.2 Overview of the OrganizationH&M (Hennes and Mauritz AB) Company is a clothing...

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