An Important Day To Remember Personal Writing

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An Important Day to Remember - Personal Writing

Four years of my life (including two at playschool) had finally
culminated in a very exciting day for me - my first day at school.
Waking up on that Monday morning however, I had no idea just how
exciting it was going to be…

Two years of my brother's stories about school were fresh in my mind,
some sounded amazing, but some were downright scary - like the myth
surrounding many schools - something about bullies, heads and toilet
flushing. Nevertheless, I could barely wait to go. Looking back I
can't believe I wasn't more apprehensive about the first day. Sure,
there was nervousness and tension, but the sheer thought of going to
what seemed like an adult place overcame that fear.

The day started off as well as could be expected, I wasn't a complete
loner, sitting on my own table, and the teacher seemed nice, although
one boy had already got on the wrong side of him - a couple of
moderately harsh words and he was flooding the table in tears.

We were given a guided tour of the school, it seemed like acres and
acres, but I'm sure if I went back now, it would seem like Toyland.
After the tour though I felt more calm and relaxed, which is more than
can be said for some. It was obvious as I looked around that many
missed their parents; and that boy was still crying - something of
annoyance to some, but humorous to most!

Break arrived and I was chatting to no end with new found friends
about teachers, older brothers and sisters, pastimes and Sam Golden
(a.k.a. the cry baby!)

At the end of the fifteen minute break, I was again sat promptly at my
seat, awaiting the teacher to return, supporting coffee and a huge
packet of biscuits. Some of my classmates may have thought me a
goody-goody, but I had been at school too little too have succinct
knowledge of, or know the difference between goody-goodies and rebels.

My first ever school lesson came and went with little in between. The
simplest arithmetic you could imagine was explained in extreme detail
by the teacher. I was amazed at how much other people were struggling
- I came to the conclusion that most had not been granted the maths
books that I had occupied for the past two years.

It was then time for lunch - which is when it happened. The incident
which I still remember vividly to this day. The one thing lasting less
than one second which turned this day from enjoyable to, well…

I was walking from the lower half of the school to the upper half
which is where the lunch hall was. I was still talking heatedly to
people about the day's eventfulness, when an unprovoked attack from a
wasp caught me right underneath the eye. It was very painful. Very
VERY painful.

I was taken to First Aid and my parents were informed. I stayed there
for the entirety of...

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