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How can I make plumbing pipes more durable? I noticed how often the plumbing pipes outside my house need to be fixed. Sometimes water leaks out of the ground because the pipes are broken. My objective for this project is the durability of plumbing pipes. To make a strong, long lasting water pipe I need to find a strong pipe. Then I need to put insulation in the pipe I am going to build because isolation keeps the water in the pipes from freezing immediately so the pipes can last longer. To build my water pipe it would take a day to gather supplies and about three days to build and test the strength of my plumbing pipe.
Archeologists found ancient plumbing systems from back to 4,000 B.C., but they were mostly found in palaces. Some were discovered in the palace remains of the Indus River Valley in India and at the palace of Knossos on the island of Crete. Most of the pipes back in ancient times, like the Roman Empire, were made of lead because it was a flexible and strong. After World War II it was declared unsafe because of lead poisoning. After WWII copper became popular because it is very easy to use and tough. Later, PEX, PVC, and iron pipes also became popular. PVC and copper pipes are mostly used today because the copper lasts long and the PVC pipes are affordable and easy to install by yourself.
Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes are made of a different type polyethylene than other polyethylene-based merchandise because PEX pipes are made of high density polyethylene, which means the plastic is hard. However, environmentalists think the pipes could poison the water because PEX could have been made with a toxin found in gasoline. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are a type of plastic that can only carry cold water because hot water would melt the plastic, but they are cheaper than copper. CPVC is PVC but it is made with more chlorination and it can carry cold and hot water. Copper pipes costs more than plastic because it doesn’t corrode easily and it does not pollute your water so it is typically used in homes. Iron pipes would be a good choice for plumbing because they can carry water and gas, and they can carry anything hot or cold. Iron pipes are durable but they are not produced in as many places as plastic pipes so they are really expensive.
To improve water pipes I would need to use an affordable material and add a harder covering. I want to use plastic because it is easy to use and cheaper than metal. CPVC is a good type of plastic and it can already hold hot and cold water but they are usually used in homes. I want it to be strong enough to survive outside too because...

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