A Detailed Biography Of The Life Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston to Elizabeth and David Poe. Both Elizabeth and David Poe were professional actors. Elizabeth Poe was praised by critics for her fine acting while David Poe often received negative reviews. In July of 1810 David Poe left his family without any explanation. Five months after he left Elizabeth gave birth to a third child, Rosalie. Elizabeth Poe soon grew ill with the most common fatal disease of that time, tuberculosis. Then in December of 1811 Elizabeth Poe died at the age of twenty - four. After her death Rosalie went to live with a kind woman who helped take care of Elizabeth, Mrs. William Mackenzie, while, Edgar was sent to live with his godfather, Mr. and Mrs. John Allan.John Allan was a tobacco exporter in Richmond, Virginia, while his wife, Francis, raised Poe as a foster child but never legally adopted him. Poe lived with the Allan's in England from 1815-820, where he attended private school. At first Poe attended school in Scotland but persuaded John Allan to bring him home where he attended school in Chelsea (a section of England). Then, at the age of nine, Poe switched schools to one in Stoke Newington (a suburb of London). However, around 1820, John Allan's business began to plummet. He managed to make one final, profitable deal in England and booked a shipboard passage for himself and his family back to America. In May of 1820 the family sailed from Liverpool to New York.Poe attended the University of Virginia in 1826 where he was an outstanding student. He attended classes from seven to nine in the morning which gave him time for his scholarly pursuits. He took his exams in the fall with pleasing results. He received second place in Latin, first place in French, and won the praise of his European professors.Poe had many financial difficulties while at the university. His father, John Allan, had only given him $110 dollars which only covered laundry, meals, servants, and lectures in Latin and French. Poe wrote a letter to Allan giving him details on all the costs, but Allan only responded with a $40 dollar check (the bare minimum deposit on services). Poe had been left with only one dollar in his pocket for the year. Desperate, Poe began to borrow money from Charlottesville merchants, then he soon started to gamble. He would play cards hoping to win money. He incurred a debt of $2,500 by the middle of the fall term. Soon, Poe had taken to drinking because he enjoyed the effect alcohol had. However, he could not tolerate it well, and even a little bit of alcohol was too much for him to handle. He often became extremely ill because of it.Creditors demanded that Poe's father pay for the debts he incurred, but Allan refused to pay any of Poe's gambling debts. Poe argued that they were "debts of honor" and he never would have gambled if Allan had given him enough money in the beginning. Allan withdrew Poe from the university. Allan wanted Poe to pursue a career in law, but Poe wanted a...

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4971 words - 20 pages was full of depression, angst, and woe. Many of the people he cared for fell victim to deadly plagues and diseases. To cope with this pain, Edgar Allan Poe sought comfort in the bottom of a bottle. In his times of depression he would drink heavily and become sick for days at a time. In between his fits of alcoholism and depression, he wrote. When he wrote, he wrote well. Edgar Allan Poe led a life full of tragedy and troubled times. Although he

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649 words - 3 pages how he influenced countless authors. He is one of the main figure heads in Gothic fiction, if not directly responsible for it, he also started an entirely new genre and he is responsible for making short stories easy to create by cutting out all the mistakes he and his peers made and by showing us the best known way to write a short story all before his tragic death at the young age of 40.Edgar Allan Poe was leading such a humble life while bleeding from the gaping wounds from deaths of wife and mother Edgar bore. So perished this poor, wretched man who chilled his readers to the core,Though he frightens evermore.

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1548 words - 6 pages and movies that will continue for centuries to come. The timeless relevance of his work, and its merciless look into the human condition, solidifies its place in history and its position of high admiration. In conclusion, the extraordinary-fleeting-tragic life of Edgar Allan Poe will forever remain in American history, as the tale of a gentleman, a soldier, an orphan, and one of the most prominent literary figures in American history

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4159 words - 17 pages Ollive, Collected Works of Edgar Allan, Volume I, Poems, Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1969 Quinn, Arthur Hobson, Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography, New York: D. Appleton-Century, 1941 Thomas, Dwight and David K. Jackson, The Poe Log: A Documentary Life of Edgar Allan Poe 1809-1849, Boston: G. K. Hall and Co., 1987 www.helpwurld.com -- Edgar Allan Poe www.oracleorange.com -- Edgar Allan Poe Biography www.poedecoder.com -- The Army and the Death of Fanny Allan www.poesattic.com -- Edgar Allan Poe 1809-1849 www.poedecoder.com -- Edgar's Teens

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852 words - 3 pages In appearance, Edgar Allan Poe was a quiet, shy looking man, but his works did not reflect that. Poe wrote gothic horror; stories of fear, pain, and death. Poe's work is particularly worth reading because it keeps readers engaged and on the edge of their seats. During his time there were many factors that could have contributed to the genre of Poe's writings. Although thought of as a troubled man, Poe is one of the world's most famous and

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2089 words - 8 pages creativity, this is when he wrote his best material (E. A. Poe Society of Baltimore Inc. "Poe, Drugs and Alcohol" 1). Poe's sad and troubled life gave him the material he needed to create stories and poems that would capture his audience. Though Poe lived a hard life and was criticized by many for being evil and demonic, his stories and poems are still with us today as some of the greatest American literature ever published. Edgar Allan Poe's life

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724 words - 3 pages Edgar Allan Poe's style of writing is typical of the styles of writing during the Age of Romanticism. His poems and short stories were heavily influenced by his life experiences from a young boy to a well renowned writer. He lived his life in poverty, moving from one job to the other and from city to city, yet he is still one of the most widely read American authors today. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston

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863 words - 3 pages Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to parents who were traveling actors. His father David Poe Jr. died probably in 1810. Elizabeth Hopkins Poe died in 1811, leaving three children. Edgar was taken into the home of a merchant from Richmond named John Allan. The remaining children were cared for by others. Poe's brother William died young and sister Rosalie later became insane. At the age of five Poe could recite passages of

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