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A Detailed Investigation Into A Specific Genre Of Print Based Advertising

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"A genre is a form of or category of a specific type of artistic work or literature that has specialised techniques or characteristics."- Companies continually use conventional images to sell their products, for example images of shiny new cars and beautiful women. There images audience-reception models are used to gain information about the consumer and then to decide on the 'type' of advertisements to produce. However, since the beginning of advertising the same devices have been used over and over again. These devices can be broken down into several audience reception models.The Hypodermic Needle Model, this is when the audience are perceived as passive consumers (i.e. the audience is seen as not thinking and powerless), and they are 'injected' with information. This type of model is usually used for propaganda, to influence people's ideas and attitudes towards a certain subject, such as politics. The Uses and Gratifications Model, the audience here are perceived as active and decide what they want from the media. They are not 'force-fed' information; they decide when they want the media. Devices here include sex appeal, humour, physical and psychological awards. These types of advertisements appeal to people's needs, the needs and wants of the individual are based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs which focuses on 6 main stages (Fig 1).There is a danger that today's audience have become almost immune to numerous marketing methods that have been used for many years. "Audiences are not to blank sheets of paper on which media messages can be written; members of an audience will have prior attitudes and beliefs which will determine how effective media message are"- Abercrombie 1996. This quote is one option that says the Hypodermic Needle Model does not work and the uses and gratifications model is much more suited too today's audience.For mass marketing campaigns shock tactics are greatly appealing, as they get the point across without relying on repetition. This is a tactic used by many large corporate companies such as Nike. "Just do it" is a repetitious slogan that 95% of people in the western world can quickly recall, as quoted by a production by the BBC "Brands", aired in 2000. This shows the power of repetition as a persuasive device, if an advertisement constantly uses the same phrasing over and over again, the public will remember it. However, graphic images and blunt slogans provoke reaction. Shock tactics will have a much larger majority of the public talking about the campaign than the latest Gap advertisements which shows celebrities "looking pretty and wearing beautiful clothes". Their tactics usually show the brute realities of the living world, and challenge the publics' ideologies and hence cause a reaction. These advertisements are talked about within day to day conversation and word of mouth is a very strong marketing tool. The public will feel the need to discuss it to ensure they are not alone in thinking...

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