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An Incarcerated Father And His Children

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At the age of fifty-four Joey was arrested for online solicitation of a minor. Joey has two children, Alex (age 23) and Amberlynn (age 18). Up until the day of Joey’s arrest, he had been actively involved in his children’s lives. Alex was a master’s student at the University of Oklahoma at the time of his father’s arrest and Amberlynn was a senior at China Spring High School at the time of the arrest. Joey spent a week in the McLennan County Jail before being released on bond for five days. After those five days, Joey was re-arrested with twenty-two counts of online solicitation of a minor and five accounts of child pornography. Even though Alex and Amberlynn were never sexually violated by their father, they were effected emotionally from day one. According to F.J. Turner (2011), theories and concepts allow us to analyze better and have a “dynamic understanding” of the families we are looking at. Buford Farris (1975) states that organization is needed in order to fully understand social work theories and concepts and to apply them to a family system.
The theory of psychodynamic perspective can be applied to Joey. This theory states that “internal processes such as needs, drives, and emotions motivate human behavior; early childhood experiences are central to problems of living throughout life.” As a young child Joey was sexually molested by his step-father. This molestation has impacted Joey throughout his life. The concepts of psychological age, which has both behavioral and perceptual components, and opportunities, which are making the best out of the life situation you have been placed in either by your own doing or someone else’s doing, can be applied to Joey.
Joey’s early childhood experiences have impacted his whole life and the life of his children. By looking at the theory of conflict perspective it is easily seen since Joey was molested as a child those childhood experiences are central to problems of living throughout his life. The acts of Joey’s stepfather have caused Joey to not progress as a normal adult would. Joey’s psychological age is off because of the events of his childhood. Joey, as an adult, was stuck at the sexual age of a child since that is when he was molested. Joey has been presented with unique opportunities while in the jail environment. Joey has been allowed to be exposed to a new environment with more diversity than he was exposed to in the small town he lived in. The ethnicity and religion Joey has been exposed to are broader than what he had been before. In the jail environment there are many opportunities to attend religious activities and Joey had fallen out of the habit of attending church. His new found bible studies and church services have helped Joey get back on track with his religion that he had once strayed away from.
The theory of social constructionist perspective can be applied to Alex. This theory states, “Social reality is created when actors, in social interaction, develop a common...

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