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A Case Analysis On A Retirement Home Sowt And Industry Anaysis.

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COMPANY'S BACKGROUNDYee Hong CentreVisionA caring community where seniors and others enjoy the highest quality of lifeMission StatementYee Hong Centre is committed to being a centre of excellence that provides vision and leadership. With strong roots in the Chinese community and respect for seniors, it strives to develop quality services and facilitate community building to enable seniors of different backgrounds and needs to live their lives to the fullest - in the healthiest, most independent and dignified way.Yee Hong plans to achieve their mission by:*Providing a continuum of care culturally and linguistically appropriate for seniors of Chinese origin, and reaching out to other seniors and persons requiring distinctive services in multicultural society*Having compassionate, competent, committed and dedicated volunteers and staff*Developing an environment that fosters respect and appreciation among program participants, volunteers and staff*Being innovative in the approach, fiscally responsible and accountable to the community*Nurturing partnerships through sharing resources and information as well as collaborating with other facilities to deliver services competently and efficiently*Focusing on community development and education*Advocating for seniors and their familiesCompany StructureBoard of Governors - The Board of Governors is an honorary body which offers advice and lends support to the organizationBoard of Directors - The Board of Directors is the Governing body of Yee Hong Centre. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management of affairs and businesses of the Centre and the Foundation. It will delegate appropriate responsibility and authority to the CEO of the Centre and the President of the Foundation.Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care - The Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care is the service arm of the Yee Hong family. It caries the responsibility of planning and delivering high quality and culturally appropriate services to enable seniors to live their lives to the fullest-in the healthiest, most independent and dignified way.Yee Hong Community Wellness Foundation -- The Foundation raises all necessary funds to cover the operation expenses of all services and programs of the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care and the capital to build new centres as approved by the Board.BackgroundYee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care came about when Dr. Joseph Wong witnessed the lack of emotional support and difficulty in communicating for Chinese seniors within mainstream medical facilities. In 1987, Dr. Wong spearheading the cause, gathered a group of thirty Chinese Canadian friends who shared his vision of building a nursing home to care for parents and grandparents with respect and dignity in their final years.The group took action with little more than their drive and determination to succeed. They realized that the job ahead would be arduous, but their commitment was unswerving. It was imperative for the aging population to be able to...

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