A Case For The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Marijuana has been the center of debate for several years now. There are many opinions on the subject, some believe that marijuana will be a “save all” that can help with medical advances, is less harmful than alcohol along with the taxability, so they push extremely hard for it to be legal. Others believe it will cause the world to collapse starting with it being addicting and moving to the detrition of our mental health, and want to do all they can to keep it illegal. Even though some believe it is bad for your mental health and can be very addictive, marijuana should be legal because it has positive medicinal and recreational uses and is taxable and safer than alcohol.
Some believe marijuana is bad for your mental health and can be addictive. John Hawkins author of 5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal, made good points about it affecting our mental health. Hawkins referenced a study done by Northwestern University; the study shows that frequent users of marijuana have a different brain structure than individuals, who don’t use it. Habitual use can lead to poor memory retention and may cause changes in the brain that can resemble schizophrenia. The report also shows that the younger a person starts smoking marijuana the worse the affects can be (Hawkins). According to Sabrina Richards author of Is Cannabis Really That Bad? Studies have indicated that individuals who are under the influence of marijuana show a greater chance of partaking in risky behavior. The effects of long-term use may cause extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and some believe it can even cause schizophrenia.
Some research also shows that Marijuana can be addictive for some individuals. While the numbers for the individuals that actually do become addicted to marijuana are small, there is still a risk for dependency. Individuals who smoke on a regular basis and have an addictive personality are more likely to become addicted. When an individual ingests marijuana on a daily basis, they tend to build a higher tolerance, so they need to smoke more and more to feel the influence of the drug. The small percent that does get addicted tend to have a longer time getting over their addiction (Hawkins).
Even though some believe, it is bad for your mental health and can be very addictive; marijuana should be legal because it is taxable and safer than alcohol. Many individuals believe marijuana is worse or just as bad for you as alcohol, however there an over whelming amount of deaths from alcohol. In the article Marijuana vs. Alcohol: Which Is Really Worse for Your Health? author Joseph Brownstein shows us, alcohol is more potent for our bodies than marijuana. Alcohol is harder for our bodies to break down, so when we binge drink it can shut down parts of our brain, usually the parts associated with regulating our heartbeats causing us to go into repertory failure. A person can die from consuming too much alcohol five minutes after drinking, which has not happened with marijuana....

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