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Department of Tourism, Leisure, Hotel and Sport ManagementBachelor of Business (Hotel Management)Academic Year 2007 Semester-12020MKT Fundamentals of E-commerceA Case study on SEEK LTDIndividual AssessmentSubmitted by: Vicky Patel - s2163251Name of Tutor: RahimDate and Time of Submission: 21st May 2007, 15:00hrsA Case study on SEEK LTD.About Seek Limited and Seek LearningSeek limited (ASX code: SEK) is the leader in the online employment and training market in Australia and New Zealand. www.seek.com.au is Australia's leading employment website, with a formidable lead over its competitors in terms of both job ad and job seeker numbers. Seek attracts over 2 million individual Australian visitors to the site each month and is one of Australia's best known internet brands.Seek learning is a division of seek limited and is fast becoming Australia's premier source of career-related training and development. Seek has formed strategic partnerships with leading training providers, including it vendors, tafes and major universities, to provide both distance-based and classroom education that suits busy lifestyles.Background of the CompanySeek corporate provides information about seek limited's activities, performance, management team and shareholder services, as well as news and media releases.Founder of CompanyPaul is the joint CEO and co-founder of seek. Since its establishment in 1997, seek has been one of Australia's fastest growing companies and has been rated as one of Australia's "best employers" for the past 5 years. Seek is publicly listed on the asx and is part of the benchmark s&p / asx 200 index.Paul has overall responsibility for seeks online employment business in Australia and New Zealand. Paul is also a director of Zhaopin, one of china's leading online employment sites, in which seek holds a 25% interest.Prior to co-founding seek, Paul spent six years with a leading commercial law firm, where he specialized in corporate law. Paul holds bachelor of laws and bachelor of commerce degrees from the University of Melbourne.Company Survives the Bubble BustPioneer of the James packer-backed online jobs advertiser seek ltd plans to resign after building a $40 million fortune, his business partner saying his "passion has run out". The departure of Matthew rock man, 38, was announced as seek further consolidated its position as the online jobs leader, posting a 64 per cent rise in net profit of $14.6million in the six months to December 31.The company said the drift of job advertisements from newspapers to the internet powered seeks 50.6 per cent growth in sales to $47.3 million. Mr. Rockman, an executive director, established seeks in 1997 with his Melbourne-based partners, Paul Bassat and Andrew Bassat. The trio later sold a 25 per cent stake to mar packer's publishing a broadcasting ltd for $33million. Obviously it was a big loss for the business, but he's made an enormous contribution over the past nine years and his passion has run out. He...

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