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An Inconvenient Truth Essay

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Director David Guggenheim's, 'An Inconvenient Truth' is a documentary about former American politician Al Gore informing citizens on the causes and effects of Global Warming. He explains that the natural cycle of the Earths climate has been disturbed by noxious gas building up around the atmosphere and will continue to raise if we don't act soon. Gore's way of explaining Global Warming is both enlightening and surreal, as he refers to statistics, sentiment of nature, and the question of our perception and freedom to get his point across to his audience. By using such techniques to show his extensive knowledge on the subject, he can really appeal to the community.
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Hurricane Katrina was the largest recorded hurricane to ever hit the United States, and as a result effected millions of peoples homes and families. Gore explains that there had been several warnings leading up to this catastrophe, and that "one question we as a people need to decide is how we react when we hear warnings from the leading scientists in the world". Gore then elaborates that Global Warming both increases and relocates precipitation, which causes moisture to be evaporated from land and sea, and shows pictures through recent years how tragedies, such as floodings and drought, had been occuring and effecting peoples homes world wide. He connects these precipitation patterns to Antarctica; how the "Arctic ice cap acts as a mirror", as more than 90 percent of the suns rays bounce off these ice caps, causing them to melt at a faster rate. As the ice caps melt, the ocean level rises, and the water levels start floods that cause neighboring islands to evacuate their homes. By the rate of how ice caps are melting, not only will neighboring islands be effected, but the coasts of America as well.
"Our way of thinking is the third and final factor that transforms our relationship to the Earth". Statistics are shown that America is the major...

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