An Inconvenient Truth Or Convenient Revenue?

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As the global temperatures rise to dangerous levels the polar ice caps begin to melt at an alarming rate increasing the level of the seas. What were once beautiful oceanfront properties are now underwater and with the coastal cities flooded, millions of people worldwide will be displaced. The warming ocean temperatures cause hurricane season to last longer while producing not only more storms, but storms that are more powerful, destroying homes and crops. The deserts creep across the land turning once fertile farmland into a barren wasteland. With millions of refugees from flooded areas, and the lack of farmland to feed the world, we will be plunged into chaos. Economies around the world will collapse, people will lose their jobs, and survival will become the only priority. Mass famine and global civil war will ensue. Is this what our future holds for us, the end of our civilization?If you watch the nightly news and listen to the right people, then you could not be blamed for thinking that the end was truly nigh. Global warming has become the buzz word of the day and whether you believe it is happening or not, the topic of global warming is not going to go away. Shortly after global warming became “popular,” the governments of the world started to discuss how to slow down the warming with the best tool at their disposal, taxes. Much like the Y2K bug was used against gullible consumers to buy unneeded software, global warming will be used by the governments of the world to increase their revenue coffers by taxing the people.The fact, or theory, of global warming will be debated by politicians and scientists on both sides of the issue for a long time to come. Whether or not global warming is a fact, the immediate problem facing consumers worldwide is how it will affect the price of goods and their daily lives. How will increased taxes and fees meant for curbing global warming effect consumer spending and economies of the world? Taxes are an inevitable part of life in a modern country with intricate infrastructures and are necessary to keep social programs funded and the government running. “If greenhouse emissions need to be decreased to address global warming (a scientific debate), economic theory suggests that prices rather than quantities are the policy tool of choice, and the most direct way for policymakers to affect price is to impose a tax” (Davies 7). What the governments have not yet made clear is how any taxes will be issued and how will the revenue generated be used. Will the funds be used to subsidize existing programs, or will they be used to fund new programs designed to fight global warming and develop new alternative energy programs?“The key to making companies and individuals reduce their output of highly damaging CO2 is to put a price on those emissions and it needs to be a high enough one to change both consumer behavior and future investment decisions” (Laidlaw 1). How high of a tax are we talking...

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