A Fantastic Journey That One Kid Goes On And Discovers Happiness

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A Fantastic Journey Scott Reynolds put up his fists to prepare for battle. With an opponent half his size and an ego that doubles it, he was sure he couldn't lose. Scott looked at all his friends surrounding him then glanced ahead to see a sliver ring with black etching coming right towards his face. Attached to the ring was the tightly packed fist of Jeremy Hanes, which was coming right towards the left side of his jaw. Scott stepped right and turned his head left to dodge the hit. He watched the punch fly by him with the force of a semi-truck at 60 m.p.h. Scott could feel the wind by his ear as shivers went down his body."Well, you're gonna have to try harder than that, you dork!" mocked Scott with an egotistical tone.Adrenaline was pumping though Scott's veins like high-octane jet fuel though a roadster. Beads of sweat dripped down his blonde hair and onto his bulging temples. His bull brown eyes were bloodshot with anger. With every beat of his fiercely-pounding heart it felt that is was getting closer and closer to jumping out of his chest. He regained his positioning and prepared to fight back."Well come on, hit m..."The crack of Jeremy's fist stunned Scott so bad that he couldn't finish his sentence. It caught Scott in his right cheek. A cry came out of his mouth that mocked that of a baby girl. His body followed his head sideways as he spun around out of control until he caught his footing again. Scott's eyes were crossed from the blow until reality finally came back to him."That was for pickin' on me in class!" shouted Jeremy. "This is for taking my lunch money!"Another blow struck Scott in the right temple. In a chain reaction, Scott's head spun around along with his arms and torso. As his legs joined the cycle and twisted around, he began to fall like a newly-cut tree. It was a scene straight out of David and Goliath. As Scott fell, there was complete and utter silence among his friends as if the skies had opened and something demonic had come down.Scott hit the ground with the force of a giant that fell off his beanstalk. He was knocked out cold. Besides a slight twitch of his arm, he was motionless. A roar of laughter came from Scott's supposed friends. They moseyed on over to him and flipped him on his back. He awoke with a headache and an astonished look on his face from seeing all his friends smirk above him."Don't just stand there you idiots," screamed Scott "Help me up!""You are such a pansy!" mused one of his friends."You are the biggest wuss that I've ever seen," agreed another friend.Scott couldn't take anymore abuse, so he got up and started on his way home."What a baby!" shouted a friend.The group broke out in laughter as Scott left them. He walked down the sidewalk in front of the school with his head down and his hands in his pockets. He usually got a ride home after school by his friend Thomas, but seeing how Thomas was the one who made fun of him first, he decided he'd have to walk.Scott's house was in the...

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