An Incumbent President With Many Tricks Up His Sleeve

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A black and white scene opens as a commotion of football players are scrambling in the middle of a play. A chanting crowd sounds powe¬¬rfully, as the camera follows the player attempting to make a touchdown, and is tackled before the line. The frame quickly changes to the overview of the stadium with fans surrounding the occupied field, and a carnival-like song played by the organ is in the background. The focus then transitions to a lively young man surrounded by other fans. A male narrator with a deep voice begins to speak over the scene, and describes that many young men are enjoying themselves every Sunday during the football season. Meanwhile, the young man pulls out his binoculars to take a closer look at the game, and the camera zooms into the binoculars as the song resolves into an eerie chord. When the camera zooms away, the young man is in different attire, and in a different setting. He’s wearing a hard green army helmet, and the sounds of bombs are going off all around him, as he reports what he sees into an awkwardly large radio. The narrator’s voice comes in, and reminds the viewers that four years before, young men were sent to Korea, and they endured a “vicious, grinding war,” that seemingly went on forever. This is the introduction to the presidential campaign commercial in 1956, belonging to the republican candidate, Dwight David “Ike Eisenhower. The effect of the young man’s drastic transition from a cheerful environment to a heavily depressing one, makes the viewer realize that not too long ago, their country was at war, and it could dreadfully return if the right candidate is not chosen. Eisenhower uses the following propaganda devices to get America to vote for him: Plain Folks, Name Calling, and Testimonial. He also uses Appeal to Emotion by fear and self-interest. The advertisement uses these techniques to suggest that without Dwight, war will certainly come, and disrupt the country’s peace. Though these techniques are used very effectively, and the few facts stated are true, the promises and claims made cannot be guaranteed.
The advertisement goes on to transition to a few citizens speaking in favor of Eisenhower, and that he will construct a peaceful and secure nation, followed by a few uneasy warnings from the narrator. The narrator is a brunette man with a deep voice, wearing a black suite and tie. He questions whether Americans should exchange a very experienced president with a rookie, and whether we could really bet if Stevenson, Ike’s opponent, could keep the country out of war. The advertisement wraps up with a message from Eisenhower. He is sitting in a dark room, behind a desk. A flag hangs behind him, and the message he sends to his fellow Americans is that the solution to win World War III is to prevent it.
The advertisement introduces with Plain Folks to persuade the general public that the candidate strives to work in favor of the common people, and sends a message that the candidate’s views and concerns...

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