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A Single Goal, A Single Feeling

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More countries belong to FIFA than to the UN. Every four years, 3 million people from around the globe gather to witness the most concurred sports event on Earth: the World Cup. It is incredible how sports, as a universal language, can be powerful enough to foster global peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding by uniting communities across boundaries, as well as cultures and religions. Additionally, its intrinsic values, such as teamwork and discipline, are widely understood by the people and are linked to the worldwide advancement of solidarity, social integrity, and peaceful coexistence. Nevertheless, sport also has the potential to cause violence and disunion among the fans. On occasion, the spectators cannot accept the fact that their team has lost and, in consequence, they irrationally attack the fans of the opposite team. Indeed, people and police officers have died due to the vandalism that takes place before, during, or after the events. Hence, although some people believe that sports are negative, they are overwhelmingly positive because they offer educational opportunities, strengthen communities, and encourage gender equality.
Sports are positive because they offer talented people with limited economic resources the opportunity to pursue a professional career in college. Jason Whitlock, a sportswriter for ESPN and a former football player for Ball State University, confesses that his participation in American football couldn’t have had a more positive impact in his life. It allowed him to obtain a degree: a dream he says that without football wouldn’t have become possible because of the financial problems of his family. Whitlock believes that sports significantly contribute to achieving equal access to education by offering scholarships to talented people who can’t afford university tuition. Furthermore, the graduation rate of football players at colleges has grown from 60 to 70 per cent in the last 25 years, indicating that football players with scholarships truly value the opportunity they are given to study and, above all, they work harder in their courses. Thus, football is part of the academic experience and it should not be excluded from it. On the other hand, some people believe that sports are negative because they can cause severe damage to health. Although sports certainly offer recreation to the players and entertainment to the fans, they have been associated with permanent health injuries such as brain diseases. According to Malcolm Gladwell, an English-Canadian journalist and speaker, “During a regular college football game, the players sustain between forty and a hundred G-forces as a result of the blows they receive in their heads.” Even though the NFL hasn’t accepted the connection between football and brain traumas, the evidence is undeniable. To support Gladwell’s research, Gerry Gioia, a neuropsychologist at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., argues that repetitive concussions on the head make...

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