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When Someone Hears The Name Adolf Hitler, The First Things

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When someone hears the name Adolf Hitler, the first things that comes into their mind is probably hate. He was known as many things in his day but the one thing that stands out over everything else is the Holocaust. To better understand why Hitler disliked and entire race you have to break it down. First off the word anti-Semitism comes to mind. That is known as hostility towards or prejudice against Jews. (Dictionary) Deicide may also be associated with Hitler. Deicide is the killing of a God or religious symbol. This resembles Hitler's actions in that he was trying to get rid of anyone who worshiped God through Judaism.Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. He spent most of his early life in a town called Linz, Austria. This is where most of his racist type attitudes were developed (Weiss 191). Weiss further states, "There and in Vienna Hitler witnessed the most extreme racist turmoil in Europe and adopted political attitudes similar to those of a majority of middle-class Austrians" (191). Hitler's father was a heavy drinker and very active in politics. Weiss believes, "Young Adolf must have heard much loud and angry talk about inferior Slavs and traitorous Jewish Liberals (191-192). This is one of the reasons many people believe that Hitler was the way he was. If you grow up around something your whole life that usually reflects who you are. His father may also be the reason why Hitler was so violent. "His father constantly harassed Adolf and evidently beat him often; his older brother fled home because of the father's irrational furies" (Weiss 192).One of the biggest problems Hitler had with the Jewish people was that he thought they were not pulling their weight. Goldhagen quotes Hitler saying, "Work [for Jews] consisted once of plundering traveling caravans, and today it consists of plundering indebted farmers, industrial, middle-class people, etc. The forms did change, all right, but the principle remained the same. We do not call it work but robbery" (281). This more than likely comes from his younger years in that he witnessed Jewish rebels taking food from innocent farms (Goldhagen 282). This lead to him being angry with the Jews later in life. The Jewish work ethic fell very short of Hitler's. Hitler believed that work should be done to help the common good of the nation (Goldhagen 285-286). He saw Jewish work as selfish and only for their own common good (Goldhagen 285-286). After a few years Hitler decided that the Jews just didn't do work good enough, even after he forced them to do it the way he saw fit. Goldhagen states, "The dominant policy was not to put Jews to work, but to prevent them from working" (288).Hitler felt that the Jewish people and German people could never live together in harmony. He saw the Jews as a threat to his uprising so he had to have an excuse to get rid of them. It is hard to believe but Hitler was never seen as the most racist leader. Most of the head Nazi's thought that Hitler was going easy on the Jew's and...

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