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An Infinite Amount Of Information On The Internet

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The internet can be a dangerous and treacherous place. Even though that is true, it can also be a very helpful resource and a great place to share your creativity with the world. You can share your ideas with people halfway across the world, collaborate with a friend that lives in a different country, and write a song with a family member in England. This access to the world and information of all kinds leads us to adventures, fun and scary (
Think of the internet as a really big Walmart, about the size of New York. Information about cute bunnies are to the left about an 1 hour away and gaming videos are about 30 minutes upstate. The world wide web is a big place but ...view middle of the document...

Growing and expanding, Google made its mark on history. From April 2000, when they announced MentalPlex, a mind reading tool that works with the search engine, to expanding the languages that Google can be formatted to. The company has offered scholarships, started charities, and have produced content that no other company can dream of doing. The company has collaborated to bring everyone in the world the most pristine of technology. One of these unique collaborations was with a company called YouTube (
YouTube, at the time, was a small company that had started in 2005. Google had first taken interest in YouTube and announced their acquisition in October of 2006. Google had proceeded to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion. In 2007 it had launched in nine countries, 2008 HD video had come available. In the years following YouTube has hit over billion views on a well video known as Gangnam Style. The creator, Psy, has grown in popularity since the release of Gangnam Style to YouTube. Even though Psy is a “pop star” and has grown from that fame, there are people in everyday life that sit down with a camera each day and make a living off of other people watching their videos (
People that choose this career are also known as “Youtubers”. Ever since YouTube started its partner program for companies like Machinima, smaller groups have started to pop up in the mainstream media. People like Tay Zonday, creator of "Chocolate Rain" which was released in 2007, become "internet famous" in a night. Or, in Zonday's case, forever. Since 2007 Zonday's YouTube channel has exploded and his original song "Chocolate Rain" has been rewarded with over 93 million views and still counting (
YouTubers like Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox start from almost nothing at all. The creators of the once most subscribed channel Smosh, started out in Anthony’s bedroom with a small camera lip syncing popular songs. Another of this fast acting career setup is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Kjellberg, also known as “Pewdiepie”, started out on YouTube about the same time as Smosh did. Kjellberg started out as a small Swedish video commentator, usually playing the newest horror game that came out at that time. After less than 3 years, Kjellberg has reached over 25,000,000 subscribers (
Some may say that YouTube is not a "real" job. However, this is unlike what director Dan Dobi says. "The people on YouTube are hard-working people, and they make a good living doing it." This money that is being filtered through to all of the YouTubers are made through Google's AdSense which allows companies to pay Google to allow ads on to the YouTuber's channels. This results in the YouTubers getting part of the cut. Depending on how many views the video gets, the YouTuber can get from 600,000 a year to 1.7 million (
There are many things besides YouTube that can put your projects and life...

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