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An Influential Experience For Me: Going Abroad To Study

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An Influential Experience for Me: Going Abroad to Study
Many people experience an event that changes their habits and attitudes, and so have I. Having never imagined going to another country to study, I was satisfied with my daily life: having nine classes every day, a vast amount of homework, and endless cramming for school just like most students in China. Until one day, after being told the idea of going abroad, I started to change my life. Going abroad to study, the most influential event to me, affects my life in three ways, which are being independent, starting college life, and being an adult.
To start with, after being apart from my family, I have become more independent. When I was in high school, I couldn’t live without my parents. Perhaps due to the different culture, Chinese parents give their children excessive attention, which causes negative effects on children’s development, so called “the helicopter parenting” (Wikipedia). One day, “I’m starving, and I want to eat sweet and sour pork,” I said to my mom languidly just like usual. Mom frowned for a while and replied seriously: “You are already 16, and you need to learn housework instead of asking and commanding. You will realize what I am saying in the future.” “Okay, I will,” I answered inadvertently. I was so tired of my mom nagging at me. However, after being apart from my parents, I learned to cook and clean my room, which I had never thought of before. Until living far away from China, I suddenly realized my mom’s words and regretted not listening to my mom’s suggestions, and I started to see what other people do when dealing with difficulties. Imitating others, I gradually understood the happiness received from finishing tasks individually and began adapting to my new life. Even though I missed my family sometimes, I was glad that my life had changed. Now, I am independent because of going abroad to study.
In addition to being independent, I also started my college career in the U.S. Even though I had heard that school was different in the U.S. than it was in China, I was surprised by the environment and teaching methods in this country. I still remember when I was I high school, my friends always suggested to me delightedly: “Let’s skip class and play computer games!” Perhaps due to the fact that...

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