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Out of his element and surrounded by men lacking virtue, Odysseus, the protagonist in Homer’s The Odyssey, finds himself in great need of a motherly figure to guide and console him on his 20 year journey. Athena fills this role for Odysseus, providing him with a constant shower of motherly wisdom. Throughout his adventures, he turns to “Pallas Athene, daughter of Zeus, who is always standing beside [him] and guarding [him] in every endeavor,” (XIII.206). Everbe Corinthia, a Memphis prostitute, serves the same role in Lucius’ life while he ventures away from his comfort zone of Yoknopatawpha County and into a world of whoring, fighting and gambling in the novel, The Reivers. Similarly, ...view middle of the document...

Everbe continues to take care of Lucius, especially when she ensures that Lucius goes to the doctor to have his hand looked at (PaPP). Even though “there was nothing wrong with [Lucius’] hand when Everbe took the riding sock off,” Everbe still wanted a second opinion, “persuad[ing] [Butch] to take [them] there- nag[ging] him [and] threat[ening],” him. Her insistence resembles a mother in the fact that she wants to guarantee Lucius’ good health just as any mother would for her child. This classic motherly action demonstrates her complete devotion to Lucius, an action which she merely performs out of love and concern (ANM). Continuing her maternal repetition (PrPP), she observes the sordid (PSAT Vocab) conditions of the doctor’s examination room, in addition to his filthy fingernails, and taking initiative (PrPP), she offers to handle the injured hand herself (PrPP Parallel Structure). “I’ll unwrap it,” she volunteers, ensuring Lucius would not have to be touched by the dirty man, keeping his wound clean (187). Lucius explains that this action echoes exactly what his mother would do, for if she “had been there [the doctor’s] dirty finger nails would have touched no scratch belonging to her, let alone four cut fingers,”(187). This reinforces Everbe’s love towards Lucius, requiring him to go to the doctor, and then wrapping his wound with tender care, just as a mother would do for her child. She truly cares for Lucius at this point, protecting him from whatever words, actions or afflictions are thrown at him, preserving his innocence the best she possibly can.

Though Everbe at first sets out to help Lucius, Lucius ends up aiding her, causing her to rethink her life, and change it for the better. The first night Lucius arrives in Memphis, he meets Everbe. But soon, Otis informs him of her occupation, appalling Lucius (PrPP). Otis continues on, describing how he exposed Everbe and profited from her loss of innocence relinquish her own innocence. During his narrative Lucius, anger welling, suddenly pounces on the smaller boy, “standing now, [and] hitting” “clawing, kicking” “the demon child who debased [Everbe’s] privacy,” (152) (ABP). Lucius tries to protect Everbe’s honor with explosion of rage, unable to handle the truth that “bludgeoned [him] unaware in the dark,” (152). As soon as Everbe hears what happened, she kneels down by Lucius’ bed and breaks into tears moved by the fact that Lucius had “fought because of [her],” (153) (ADVSC). She expounds (PSAT Vocab), explaining, “I’ve had people- drunks- fighting over me, but you’re (Lucius) the first one ever fought for me,” (157). Lucius’ reflex to protect and defend others allows Everbe to realize that some people find value in her as a person and not just as a means of pleasure. This spurs her to swear off the pugnuckling life for good: “Yes! I’ve quit! Not anymore. Never!” (192). Quitting her job as a prostitute because of Lucius’ influence opens up a new opportunity for Everbe, one...

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