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An Informative Look At Hindu Deities

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Scientists have many different explanations as to how eclipses are formed, and as to what comets are, but in the religion of HInduism science holds no sway, for it is the deities that impact much of astrology. Every culture seems to have deities that may guide people or morals, but the Hindu deities are by far the most varied of any religion. There are millions of Hindu deities, and millions of different rituals. Two of the HIndu deities that guide people are lords Rahu and Ketu, whom are part of the “decision makers” of destiny. Hinduism is a complex, colorful and diverse religion; one with many unique deities.
To understand the method behind the madness, per say, or the reason behind the uniquity, one must first look at the history of Hinduism. Hinduism is the oldest religion, and has no single founder, scripture, or set of teachings, just from this, Hinduism is one of the most unusual religions on Earth. It is the third largest religion, and is mainly concentrated in India and Nepal. To categorize Hinduism as either “monotheistic” or “polytheistic” would be impossible. Hindus believe in many deities, over 300 million, but all of them represent the Divine Spirit (Barnes). Some of the most important deities are the Navagrahas, or Nine Planets, which are considered to play a role in deciding destinies (Murugan). Two of the Navagrahas are lords Rāhu and Ketu. Many Hindus believe that these deities can influence human lives in either a good or bad way.
There is a multitude of information about lords Rahu and Ketu, much of which is very interesting. In Hindu mythology, Lord Rāhu is sometimes described as the head of a demonic snake that swallows the sun and moon which causes eclipses. Oftentimes he is depicted as a bodiless dragon riding a chariot, which is pulled by eight black horses. Rāhu’s gemstone is Gomedh, more commonly called Honey Colored Hessonite. Allegedly wearing the “Rāhu Ring” will allow you to attain Moksha, which is basically enlightenment. In Sanskrit, Ketu means comet. He is often depicted as the tail of a demonic snake. In...

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