A Creative "Personal Account" Of The Holocaust

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Death Creeps Upon UsLife is really getting bad these days. Last week I only got one piece of bread, and with my already weak, starving condition I was sure I was going to die. I found a few worms one day though and ate them. That probably kept me alive a little longer. I also only got 3 cups of water last week. My lips have been chapped since I got to this camp, my skin has been dry, and in 3 weeks I have only gone to the bathroom 4 times. The ‘’bathroom’’ is really just the corner of our room where no one sleeps. What a great life I have.This camp is horrible, by far the worst one yet. Out of the 100 people I arrived here with, only 15 are still alive. Many died from sickness, but most from the crematory. Yesterday alone 22 people were sent off and burned alive. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. Also many have died on the job if they are not working to their “full potential.” The truth is that is as hard as they can work. Then the cruel S.S. shoot them, with no emotion, those sick psychopaths.And now I stand here, working, tired, hungry and thirsty. Digging the graves which my fellow Jews and me will soon lay in. Sometimes I question why I do the work if I am going to die anyway. If I just walked away I would be shot and that would surely...

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