An Inside Look At The Egyptian Revolution Of 2011

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Wednesday, April 13th authorities took custody of the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons, Gamal and Alaa. He is being held in Sharm el-Sheikh while authorities investigate his political crimes over the past thirty years, illicit gain, corruption allegations and particularly the deaths of hundreds of protesters during the uprising. Officials reported, Mubarak was not in the best of health after announcing he would not run for re-election, a precedent to his heart-attack during interrogation last Thursday. Mubarak is currently undergoing interrogation in an Sharm el-Sheikh hospital. Protesters worked continually during their three months of rallies and demonstrations to speak out against Mubarak's thirty year reign of corruption. Mubarak's detainment is a breath of fresh air to the protesters. Doctor Hosam, local physician in Cairo, said things are going back to normal, “gradually specially after the arrest of the whole ruling party... but there [was] tough resistance by the previous ruling party.” He also says the best political move for Egypt would be “going for democracy after good preparation for it.”
Appointed Vice-president of Egypt in 1975, Mubarak assumed presidency after President Anwar El Sadat's assassination, 1981. He was re-elected by majority vote four times. At that time the Egyptian constitution restricted other candidates from running against the president, until it became amended on 26th of February, 2005 to allow multi-candidate elections. Mother of two children, Hanan, a lifelong resident of Cairo, believes the elections were tampered with, “It's not just the election in 2005... We never felt or participated in any elections ever in our lives and I am not talking about me only. I am talking about everyone I know from friends, elder family members and neighbors. Everyone knows what is happening in each election [for] the parliament or the presidential. It's rigged elections and we all know the results before it starts.” One of the opposing candidates demanded a repeat of the election. To avoid rebellion, the government convicted him of forgery and sentenced him to five years of hard labor. The U.S. was especially troubled by these corrupt actions.
The corruption after the re-election was devastating. “You can say I never knew or experienced any other regime, I can summarize it in one word CORRUPTION in everything in our life,” said Hanan. The government has a tight grip on the people. Hanan explained the difficulty,“I know I can't do any legal governmental paper work without paying a bribe. If not it will take longer or might not [get] done.” Many opposing political figures and young activists became imprisoned without trials. The State Security Intelligence (SSI) kept the Egyptians locked in fear for years. The Emergency law allowed the SSI to violate human rights of the accused without a trial. The government maintained control over many of Egypt's primary economic levers such as banking, tourism oil, the...

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