An Insightful Analysis Of A Disgraceful Affair

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Periodically, a relationship between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat can be a clouded perception, only due to the fact the proletariat will not be given the chance to speak from their point of view. This such thing is not true when it comes to the short story, “A Disgraceful Affair.” The story is based around the Russian interpretation of Marxism, shown in the forethought to the opening paragraph, in which it speaks “Our beloved motherland was experiencing a renaissance; her brave sons, fired with impulses at once touching and naïve, were seeking with an uncontrollable yearning for new destinies and hopes.” The thing that determines what they do is their social class and economic position, which in turn, affects what happens to them. The two men used to elaborate the idea are the bourgeoisie Mr. Ivan Ilyitch Pralinski, and proletariat Mr. Porfiry Petrov Pseldonymov.
“Your Excellency,” Ivan Ilyitch had only been known as such for a few short weeks, but with his statue of mind and manner, it seemed like years. He was, in his own mind, always right and if someone did not understand what he was doing or saying, they were idiotic. “And how could he fail to understand? It was more difficult not to understand than understand,” is not even a statement against a drone, but rather against another even more credible bourgeoisie than himself. To his due, he is a very brilliant man, but he lacks common respect and tries to use his position in authority to gain popularity amongst the proletariat culture. Due to his economic stature, and his social class, he believed he could do anything he pleased; which he showed by walking in on a fellow colleague’s wedding party. Under no circumstance did he know or relate to Mr. Pseldonymov, but only of his existence. Using that, he would show his “personal” side and instantly begin to grow in popularity. Standing outside and talking to himself, he came up with an illustrious plan, where nothing could go wrong. Thanks to his ignorance and stupidity, he was able to make himself more of a fool than a fool could pretend to be smart.
Unlike most Marxist short stories, the proletariat in “A Disgraceful Affair” had a voice its own. In a way, Fydor Dostoevsky narrated how an innocent setting can change rapidly due to the ignorance of the bourgeoisie toward the lower social class. The poor proletariat used to show this is Mr. Pseldonymov, a junior clerk that works in the same department as Ivan Ilyitch. Pseldonymov was single, poor, and lived with his mother. Five months before his wedding, he lived in cold and hunger, and was the poster boy for bad hygiene. His mother was the only one who had truly loved him, and they lived together, and would have stayed in their conditions had they not come across the retired councillor, Mlekopitayev. Having...

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