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An Inspector Calls Who Is The Inspector? How Does He Impact The Other Characters? He Is Preistley's Way Of Expressing His Own Views.

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After reading an Inspector calls, I am certain it is obvious to any one who reads it that the inspector is not what he appears to be at all. At first you have no suspicions of the Inspector, but as the play moves on it slowly dawns on you that the Inspector might be an impostor. The inspector also has major impacts on some of the characters. He is "Priestley's vehicle for his views on social responsibility. He represents social conscience. He has moral dimension."The Inspectors name, Goole, has noteworthy significance. Ghoul has the same sound and its meaning has a great bearing on the play. A Ghoul is "an evil spirit" To Birling, and his upper class peers; this is an exact analysis of the Inspector. The thought of the Inspector being something extraordinary seems to be briefly confronted by Sheila but it is dismissed just as quickly. Another theory might be that the Inspector represents truth and is not a real person at all but just a representative of justice. I think that this is a very plausible idea and probably Priestley's own thought. He could be a spirit representing the future, the Birlings chance of repent, although only Eric and Sheila recognize this. They are the only ones to realise that they have ruined this girl's life and it could be their doings that sent her to this horrible end. The Inspector could also be as real as all the other characters in body and can eat and drink and is solid. I think that the inspector may have gone back in time or there might have been a time slip of some sort to make sure that these people new what they had done. I think there is a possibility that the Inspector could be Eva Smith and just goes back to haunt them. This maybe quite far fetched by I would not rule it out completely, because if it were true then it would explain everything.The main role of the inspector is his forcing role, which he uses to overpower the other characters to admit to their secrets. He appears to the characters to be very rude at times, but this rudeness only adds to the factor at which he can interrogate the characters, and also provokes them admit to their wrongdoings, 'I know. I had her turned out of a job. I started...

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1241 words - 5 pages end of the play we are aware that the inspector was not a real inspector. This leaves the audience to ponder on ideas of who he could be. He may have been someone sent by God, hence how he describes hell ‘fire and blood and anguish’. Who was the inspector? Priestley makes this play effective by leaving a cliff hanger at the end of the play making the audience wonder who he was and where he came from. In conclusion the main role of the inspector was to be a catalyst, and to lead the story in the right direction. His other aim was to present Priestley’s views and make the characters feel remorseful.

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