"An Inspector Calls" Write About Inspector Goole's Character In This Play How Far Is He A Believable Policeman? How Does Priestley Use The Inspector In The Play?

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The way Priestley presents his character of Inspector Goole in the play is mysterious. I think Priestley use of this air of mystery is deliberate. The foremost method used by Priestley to present the unusualness of this character is the name Inspector Goole which is an obvious pun or homophone (Inspector A spectre, Goole a ghoul). We as an audience never find out who the Inspector is. There are many possibilities that can be taken into consideration – he could be a ghost of Eva Smith avenging her death; he could be some sort of cosmic balance, keeping people considerate. He could be anybody or anything. Priestley also intentionally bring emphasizes the name in the play as Inspector says, “Goole. G - double O - L - E” which shows us that the name was well thought of by Priestley to give the character an air of mystery.The Inspector’s role as some sort of mystic, all knowing power is reinforced when he explains to Gerald Croft why Sheila wants to stay to hear his confession. His comments, “if nothing else, we’ll all have to share our guilt” has universal significance and is not restricted to the immediate concerns of the Birling family. Sheila’s appreciation of the Inspector’s power grows in Act 3. she seems to sense his super human qualities when she says to him, “I don’t understand about you.” The quote “One Eva Smith has gone but there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and john Smiths still left with us with their lives, their hopes and fears, they’re suffering and chance of happiness are intertwined with our lives, with what we think and say and. We don’t live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.” In this quote the Inspector speaks with the universal significance, which portrays his character in a prophetic way, which is strange for a policeman who mostly relies on evidence rather than his principles and morals.The Inspector is speaking, unlike a police officer, but a prophet. He goes on to say “if men do not learn that lesson, then they will be taught in fire and blood and anguish” Priestley uses this to create a sense of irony as the play was set in 1912 only 2 years before the great war 1914-1918, and was written in 1946where the world was just recovering from the shock of the Second World War. I feel J.B. Priestley was trying to say that we must change and accept responsibility for one another in order to prevent war and suffering throughout the world. This difference in time also allowed Priestly to create dramatic ironies like the sinking of the titanic, which Birling described as ‘unsinkable’ and the great depression which Mr. Birling thought “there’ll be peace and prosperity and rapid progress everywhere”.The theory might be that the Inspector represents truth and is not a real person at all but a representative of justice. I think that the Inspector gives it away when he gets far too...

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3612 words - 14 pages they were paying their full attention listening, or if they were just skimming his articles or even if they were being read or listened. Hence Priestley decided to use the theatre for his plays, where he had the full undisrupted attention of his audience."An Inspector calls," is a play which highlights the importance and relevance of equality and social respect in the community, the story is interesting and gripping with a twist. Priestley is

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1803 words - 7 pages play, Inspector Goole demonstrates many dramatic effects. The Inspector himself is a dramatic effect. J.B. Priestley chose the name “Goole” for the Inspector, which sounds to the audience and the Birlings like “ghoul”. The dramatic effect used here is a pun. Priestley does this to make the Inspector’s character look and sound menacing. Priestley also uses the Inspector as an allusion: an indirect reference of a real Inspector. He walks into the

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2095 words - 8 pages In this Play the inspector plays various roles. He plays a socialist as he is against capitalist views and because he is not just looking out for himself but others as well. Also he is known to be a catalyst as he brings a split in the Birling family. He plays a ghost as we find out he is not real. Additionally he plays a fraud because he is not a real inspector, but he does act as an Inspector. The inspector adds a great deal of tension and

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946 words - 4 pages "An Inspector Calls" is a play which was written by John Boynton Priestley in 1912, and it was set in the theatre on the 1st of October 1946. Priestley uses the play as an example of what can happen if we are ignorant to the feelings of others. Priestley believed a great deal in socialism and he used several of his plays to try and influence people to be Socialist. The audience does not find a great deal out about the Inspector and nothing is

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1883 words - 8 pages Inspector Calls’ towards the end of World War 2. The play however, is set in 1912 at a wealthy, middle-class family home. The play is about a family celebrating an engagement, when an Inspector calls, and tells them of a young girl’s suicide. The play is always set in the family’s dining room, but it has precise stage directions, so each character must be sitting in a certain place. Suspense is used right through the play, usually at its peak

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3127 words - 13 pages An Inspector CallsJ.B. Priestley wrote the play 'An Inspector Calls' in 1945. He was a politician and socialist who believed that everyone should be treated fairly. He wrote the play to express his concerns about society. He believed in equality for all sexes, races and classes. He thought the class system was wrong and believed that everyone was equally important. He did not approve of the way the Upper Class thought of themselves as superior

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1483 words - 6 pages first act of the play, the stage opens with a normal family dinner, and a happy family celebrating an engagement. Right at the beginning, Arthur Birling’s character is depicted as very arrogant and self-centered. This can be seen evidently in the long engagement monologue speech, in which he does not give anyone else a chance to talk. He tells Gerald and Eric that, “ You’ll hear some people say that war is inevitable. And to that I

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