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Long ago a wise man once stated” This inspirational quote analyzes the world we live in. A Tyrant is a ruler of a cruel and oppressive character; someone who is remembered, but has no power and is dismissed by many. On the other hand, a Martyr is the one who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief. This clearly depicts that when a Tyrant reaches his death, he will only be known for the moment, whereas a Martyr who will be missed and remembered for decades for his positive characteristics. In life, your character will be judged for your legacy, therefore, those who give a positive message to the world, and those who fight for what’s right and those who sacrifice their life for others are the ones that will never be forgotten throughout history.
This quote plays an important role to our history. Back in the late 1919’s, Adolf Hitler came into power. Hitler was a man of cruel character; he was unsympathetic and racist to mankind. As a brutal dictator, he put Jewish people, Black people, anyone that didn’t match his perfection in concentration camps. There he put them through unbearable torture as each one was forced to work until they nearly passed out with little or no food. As a result of his actions, more than million lives were lost. In this case, Adolf Hitler is known to be the Tyrant. In the early 1960’s Martin Luther King Jr gave a speech; a speech of what he believed in and what he fought for most of his life. As a result of his phenomenal speech, racism decreased. Black people and white people united together. Martin Luther King Jr changed the world for the better, however died trying to accomplish his goal. Without his words and beliefs the world would not be the same. Due to his phenomenal work and accomplishments, he is known to be a Tyrant. When looking back, we should realize that Adolf Hitler is not cared by many, as years goes on he will be forgotten for the sake he put through mankind. On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr will be remembered and will not be forgotten even through the future because he is the reason why black people and white people or any other races are acquaintances. He made the world a better place and that’s why his rule has just begun even if it means that he has reached upon his death
.Cuba has not been in its great position for years due to Fidel Castro’s action. Many believe that he is the reason why Cuba is falling down, and most claim that he is an appalling influence as well as a leader to control and have power over Cuba. He has killed thousands of political opponents to the Castro regime. Labor camps were established to confine “social deviants”, homosexuals were treated unfairly and thousands of executions took in place. He is the reason why Cubans suffered for political interests. Judging by his characteristics and actions, he is known to be a Tyrant. Once Fidel Castro dies, He will be vanished from history, most Cubans will be pleased and he will be replaced. One...

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