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NESTLE (U.S. & CANADA)NESTLE (U.S. & CANADA)Introduction of NESTLE (U.S. & CANADA)NESTLE (U.S. & CANADA) has become the USA's largest soft drink manufacturers and distributors with its 3 production houses and 10 warehouses across the country. It is the promise of NESTLE to render the best quality of its products to its valued customers who can get healthy enjoyments in various ways. The company has acknowledged in poising to surge ahead in meeting the marketing trends in various ways. It is fulfilling the consumer demands and trying to meet the customers' expectations through providing the superior quality products which are based upon the all manufacturing standard and policies thus giving more confidence to consumers in its various brands. NESTLE has been in the market because of its various brands like Red Bull with various flavor, 100Plus,ENERGY-DOUBLE Fun Flavors, ENERGY-DOUBLE fruit trees, F &N season and others. So with the new launch of its new product, as well as support and dedication of its team work, NESTLE will attain its ability to deliver the higher qualities of products and services for its future products like NESTLE Cola.NESTLE (U.S. & CANADA) compromises on its core values. As it believes that core values are successful factors for the company. NESTLE (U.S. & CANADA) cared for its core values which are:Valuing and respecting for people (customers).Communicating openly with internal and external stakeholders.Building the integrity in the minds of consumers and employees (Kotler, 2003).Showing more commitment to be within the community by its sophisticated and unique products.NESTLE has designed new product named as ENERGY-DOUBLE Cola which will serve various segments of consumers. The details of the new products are as follows:This company has classified the descriptions of new product into two ways like products portrayal and products profile. Here these types are discussed respectively.The new product ENERGY-DOUBLE Cola is a very unique product in the market which include green coconut water with orange flavor and ingredients aims at serving the various segments of consumers within and overseas market communities. The green coconut water including the flavor and ingredients of orange that will be processed and available in the market in the form of glass bottles and cans of various sizes like 325ml, 500ml and 1ltr .This soft drink also aims at giving the huge energy and refreshments to sick and health conscious people. The development cost of new products is assumed to be 10 million USAn Ringgit because of the various factors which will be involved in setting up the plants and other inventor costs. Now following is description of Products Profile.Name of the products : ENERGY-DOUBLE Cola.Ingredients included: green coconut water, orange, sugar, some minerals alts and vitamins C.Availability of product: it will be available e in stylish glass bottle and various size of canes.Products size: NESTLE...

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